Thursday, April 12, 2012

nude + green hues

Unlike many bloggers, I'n not here to show you all the new things I buy or all the clothes that I have. 
Yes, this blog is about my style but 
I'm here to show you how I reflect my personality through the things I have. 
Style is not about buying and shopping, its about how it reflects you. 
For me I love to wear only what I love and wear it A LOT. 
I want to look back on a time in my life and be able to tell you the things I was in love with wearing, kind of like a UNIFORM. 

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These are the nail colors I'm wearing this spring. 

Essie Spaghetti Straps
Essie Grow Stronger
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
Maybelline Tenacious Teal


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AldaCa said...

Perfect spring colors! :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hope to hear back :)