Friday, March 30, 2012

Products on the Shelf

I love to read what other people use and love because sometimes you need a little personal experience before trying out a new product. Here are the things that are currently on my shelf.

 Neutrogena deep clean cleanser
Simple eye make up remover (soap is so bad for your face!)
Biore pore strips
Neutrogena face lotion (my go to face SPF in the summer as well!)

Bath and Body works eucalyptus spearmint PILLOW MIST (I swear you will instantly relax!)
Lush butter (dry elbows anyone?)
Lush body shimmer (makes your skin look radiant and healthy)

Rimmel liner, mascara
Revlon lip color Siren, eye lash curler, eye shadow
Maybelline liquid mousse foundation
Mac Red Russian lip color (love the matte look)
Clinique bronzer ( Can't you just SEE how much I use it! its perfect..not too sparkly) 

xx Marie-Louise

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