Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gentlemen, Gentlemen

My favorite outfits always have an element of masculinity to them. A pair of wingtips, a solid blazer, hats, leather satchel bags.. anything to add some balance to my feminine pieces. 

And for anyone who's wondering.. Yes I'm still quite infatuated with these Topshop animal print trousers. I will wear them till they die. I can safely say that I don't find any reason to wear clothes that don't make your heart flutter. This All Saints sweater had me from the moment I saw it on the hanger..Im still quite in love. 

Life's too short not to be in love with what's in your closet. 

xx Marie-Louise
All Saints sweater, Kirra tank, Goorin Bros hat, Topshop pants, D&O flats

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vintage Silk

I love pairing my vintage or thirfted blouses with modern pieces. This amazing silk blouse I was able to find in my mom's closet from the 80's! From the patterned silk to the billowed shoulders, its perfection that you don't find in blouses these days. 


photos: P.C.H
vintage blouse, Marie-Louise Scarf, Calico sunnies, zara basic jeans, thom brown wingtips, marc by marc crossbody bag. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

1X3 Style Series: The Bow Dress

Scored this bow dress at the start of summer on a whim search through H&M. 
I loved how it was fun and flirty but so easy to throw on. 
It was about to be put away with the rest of my summer dresses but it started working with the transitioning weather. My favorite variation of this dress actually might be how I styled it for the cold weather with a chunky knit and nylons. I am definitely going to transition some more of my summer staples in the same way!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1X3 Style Series: Cargo Skinnies

You know the feeling when you try something on and you know you cant leave without whatever it may be you are trying on because you know in your heart it will hold an irreplaceable spot in your frequent rotation? Just explained the moment I had in the dressing room when I put these amazing cargo skinnies on. Yesterday I just sewed a couple holes I had because I just CANT.LET.GO!
Too bad I never had the chance to blog them in the summer when I paired them with thin white tanks and beaded sandals. 

xx Marie-Louise

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Spent the day braving the cold weather in some thick knits and hefty boots. 
Nothing beats a weekend exploring new places and finding good caffination spots. 

When I think about my style, I definitely always like to keep a balance between feminine and edgy.
I like to pair soft pieces with tougher items, like these boots, which are my go to when I want to stomp around town. 

xx Marie-Louise

Cheap monday sweater, Marie-Louise scarf, AA sunnies, h&m cargo skinnies, Chelsea boots, Marc by Marc Bag, target cuff, Calico ring, Threadsence ring

photos: P.C.H

Monday, November 14, 2011

Afternoon coffee

Clinching blouses under a leather jacket just do it for me. 
Its a go-to combination for when Im on the go through the day. 

xx Marie-Louise
h&m jacket, UO blouse, levis jeans, juicy sunnies, D&O flats, Marc by Marc bay
photos: p.c.h

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goorin Brothers

The cold weather is clearly here but I am just now getting adjusted. I obviosly just came back from vacation but I think the intense week of beach bumming, hot weather, fruits and lots of family love makes me ready to tackle the cold weather. With enthusiasm. Bring on the sweaters, boots and scarves. We all know how much I love those!

AND I finally can end my hunt of my perfect winter hat. I have been searching high and low for a wider brimmed winter type hat. HERE it is folks! Found it at Goorin Brothers hat shop in Cambridge between the book shops and cafes. LOVE.

xx Marie-Louise
-bycorpus sweater, h&m dress, zara boots, vintage clutch, goorin bros hat
photos: P.C.H

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photo Clips: The Canary Islands

Here a few quick snapshots from my awesome vacation in the Canary Islands with my family. 
I love bringing a few summer pieces and playing mix match. 
I was able to put my IvanaHelsinki gift bag to good use. Its the perfect beach bag. 

xx Marie-Louise

1. calico sunnies, levis tank, vintage levi shorts, Ivanahelsinki bag
2. free people tote bag, DIY ripped sweater, threadsence dress, sam e. sandals
3. DIY ripped sweater, free people dress, calico sunnies