Wednesday, December 21, 2011

in my heart

Here I am again mixing feminine pieces with masculine pieces. There must be a balance to everything. 
A balance in outfits, in food and really, in life as a whole. 
Here's to the holiday season when hopefully we all get a second to slow down and evaluate our lives to make sure we're keeping ourselves in a good balance. And if by chance we are a little out of sync, thats what new years resolutions are for! 

xx Marie-Louise

arc and co dress, mgnt boots, vintage coat, goorin brothers hat, Marie-Louise scarf, thrifted pin
photos: P.C.H


kathi said...

The colors and the sunlight look amazing! Great pictures!

Sarah vL said...

super love this outfit!

Michaela Scalisi said...

Beautiful outfit!!

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xx Michaela