Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goorin Brothers

The cold weather is clearly here but I am just now getting adjusted. I obviosly just came back from vacation but I think the intense week of beach bumming, hot weather, fruits and lots of family love makes me ready to tackle the cold weather. With enthusiasm. Bring on the sweaters, boots and scarves. We all know how much I love those!

AND I finally can end my hunt of my perfect winter hat. I have been searching high and low for a wider brimmed winter type hat. HERE it is folks! Found it at Goorin Brothers hat shop in Cambridge between the book shops and cafes. LOVE.

xx Marie-Louise
-bycorpus sweater, h&m dress, zara boots, vintage clutch, goorin bros hat
photos: P.C.H


kathi said...

That is an amazing cardigan! I love it ;)

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Damsels said...

for me, winter is coming in nice and slow in nyc. its pretty awesome cuz we get to layer up and wear different items of clothing. its a bloggers dream!
as is your sweater , i might add.

MeryMeli said...

I loveyour cardigan <3 and the dress is adorable!!
I´m form Gran Canaria.. :)
Y love your style, now you have a new follower!
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