Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gentlemen, Gentlemen

My favorite outfits always have an element of masculinity to them. A pair of wingtips, a solid blazer, hats, leather satchel bags.. anything to add some balance to my feminine pieces. 

And for anyone who's wondering.. Yes I'm still quite infatuated with these Topshop animal print trousers. I will wear them till they die. I can safely say that I don't find any reason to wear clothes that don't make your heart flutter. This All Saints sweater had me from the moment I saw it on the hanger..Im still quite in love. 

Life's too short not to be in love with what's in your closet. 

xx Marie-Louise
All Saints sweater, Kirra tank, Goorin Bros hat, Topshop pants, D&O flats


Charmaine said...

Its true, what's the point of keeping clothing that you don't like anymore. I try to do the 1 in 1 out rule & eventually I'll like everything I own.

BTW I just started following.

Franzi said...

like your shoes :>

Hannah said...

aww cute jumper, i love the scarf in the previous post too!