Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1X3 Style Series: Cargo Skinnies

You know the feeling when you try something on and you know you cant leave without whatever it may be you are trying on because you know in your heart it will hold an irreplaceable spot in your frequent rotation? Just explained the moment I had in the dressing room when I put these amazing cargo skinnies on. Yesterday I just sewed a couple holes I had because I just CANT.LET.GO!
Too bad I never had the chance to blog them in the summer when I paired them with thin white tanks and beaded sandals. 

xx Marie-Louise


amalie said...

love it! such a comfy pants.


Masha said...

Great idea;) Love all the outfits!

Charmaine said...

Those pants ARE pretty awesome. Olive /army green has this funny way of being a colour, yet being a neutral that goes with everything. I have yet to find the perfect pair of olive pants.

yonosoyunaitgirl said...

Love it!! XOXo

Anonymous said...

Comfortable outfit!