Monday, October 10, 2011

wave through the Daylight

Had a lovely lady date with Kate this weekend. Between thrifting and finding amazing Vietnamese food we shot these quick when the light was JUST perfect. This weekend's weather was just what everyone needed. I love the sun and warm weather and if the weather decided never to change.. I would not complain! 
These Kimchi Blue pants are my new go-to when I want to look put together but very comfortable. They have been a favorite for those Monday mornings that seem to come a little too fast after the weekend.

xx Marie-Louise

-DIY aa shirt, pants kimchi blue, hat bdg
photos: Kate Laberge


It seems pretty obvious. said...

Nice photos! The weekend was really cold here in Sweden.

Your name sounds really Scandinavian! Is it?

Have a great day! //Niina

Emma said...

I love your shirt! It reminds me so much of dance wear :) Awesome blog!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

You look so timeless! I am in love with your trousers and hat!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Joanna S. said...

beautiful photos ! i love your pants and hat :)
cute top ! xx

Disturbed Style said...

Great blog and photos! I love it :)

It seems pretty obvious. said...

Ok :) I read in one of your post that Copenhagen is your favourite city! I love Copenhagen too :) It's the best city in scandinavia!

I'm from Gothenburg. Where in Sweden do your family live?

Have a nice evening!

Jennifer said...

Lovely photos. I love the shirt! x

Cookie said...

perfect pants!

It seems pretty obvious. said...

Hi! Thanks for you quick answer! But I always forget about the time difference and he's already heading home so he didn't have time to go look for it :( I'll survive haha :)

Yes I do have twitter, it's @niinasu

Have a great weekend! //Niina

Charmaine said...

Great hat! I love the backlighting in the first pics. It makes you hair glow.