Sunday, September 25, 2011

NYFW: IVANA HELSINKI SS2012: The Runway Coverage

Ivana Helsinki is the only Scandinavian designer to be included in the NYFW lineup. 
It has been a pleasure to have been a photographer for the designer both during Copenhagen fashion week and numerous NYFW. Each collection just keeps getting better and better. This collection had a feeling of wearability and applicability that I haven't seen before with Ivana Helsinki's collections. There was a wonderful balance between the girl next door and the girl you cant stop looking at. The statement looks exude a confidence every girl wants to have. Paola does a good job incorporating her Finnish influences but still keeping the pieces modern and chic. 
Personally my favorite look was the printed T shirt with the shorts. It definitely sets the tone for a summer adventure by the beach.  To see more check out

xx Marie-Louise
photos: Marie-Louise

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walking the streets

Some of my favorite moments are just walking around in the cities that I love. Its pretty much a tie between Copenhagen and New York City. I might be leaning more toward Copenhagen just because I know it so well and in NYC..well lets just say thankfully I always have a trusty guide with me. 
Its just a perfect day when its sunny and you can stop by places, grab a coffee and people watch. 

This outfit really just happened out of thin air and I liked the bohemian feel to it. Its usually not where my style tends to lean toward but its my version. Remember when I told you this skirt would translate perfectly into fall? I wrote an article about this for RI Style Magazine, out now!
Ill post pictures when I get my copy in the mail!

xx Marie-Louise
threadsence dress, Kirra sweater, marc by marc crossbody bag, calico ring, D&O shoes, Juicy sunnies
photos: P.C.H

Monday, September 19, 2011

NYFW: IVANA HELSINKI SS2012: Before the action

Before the magic happens...

there are always so many last things to cover...

While the designer herself captures the action on film...

And the last practice walk...

Next post has my full coverage of the show!

xx Marie-Louise
photos: MLMW

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dijon Mustard

Keeping it simple with a little color blocking. 
The first few times I never over-style a piece. I like to appreciate the piece for what it is individually. After all thats why I bought it. After that its play time! 
Cant wait to show you the crazy ideas I've concocted with these pants!
xx Marie-Louise

h&m tank, AA sunglasses, D&E flats, UO pants
photos: P.C.H

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sneak Peak: IvanaHelsinki SS2012 @ NYFW

Here is a quick sneak peak at the post I am putting together.
I had the privilege to be one of the photographers for the Ivan Helsinki show on friday. 
It was wonderful to talk with Paola, the head designer and founder. 
You can tell she is here because of her love of the art and nothing else. 

I have covered numerous of her other shows and honestly she just keeps getting better and better. 
She killed it this time. It was my favorite to date. 
Touched off with the models hands dripping with blank paint. Genius. 

More to come!

xx Marie-Louise

photos: M-L

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ghost Valley

Its been a little while but here is the latest design! This dress definitely took its time to come together but I really like the final product. The focus was to create a balance between femininity and a more alternative edgy look. The purity of this fabric is wonderful but the frayed hemlines and leather strap suggest an unexpected toughness.

I wore this with my jean studded jacket (another project of mine-will blog it soon!) when I was a photographer for the IVANAhelsinki show at NYFW on friday. Photos covering the show are coming soon too! The lead designer was such a genuine woman to speak with- none of those fashion cliches applicable, only a true passionate for the art. 


Marie-Louise Alice Dress, Chelsea boots, Revlon Siren lip color
Photos: P.C.H

Monday, September 5, 2011

Olive + Cream

Spending summers last weekend by the beach. I wish summer would last forever. 
One of my favorite feelings is after you soak up the rays during the day, shower and then put on some of your favorite light summer clothes. I went for everything that Im in love with right now. We've already had the discussion about my obsessions with my vintage Levi's but this Threadsence blouse has me crazy. Its amazingly light but still works for cooler nights and I can wear it with anything. Im taking shorts, skirts, pants and over dresses. I might need to stock up on some more like this so I dont kill this one by over wearing it. I hate that- When you love something so much and you wear it all the time and before you know it, it looks so worn out and sad. Worst feeling ever. But back to me wearing everything Im in love with. I scored these Calico Sunnies, in my faaavorite green color, after a shoot a couple weekends ago. Working with Elissa is nothing short of hilarious. Lastly- how sIIIck is my silver knuckle ring? Also scored from Calico after the shoot. 

Have a weekend everyone. 
xx Marie-Louise

h&m tank, threadsence blouse, vintage levis, Calico sunglasses and ring
Photo credit: P.C.H

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Feet

How could feet not be happy wearing these??!


*feet and shoes belong to my lovely kate!