Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Room to Breath

Check out this new blouse I scored from Threadsence! I love finding pieces like this. 
Actually this blouse completely embodies the way I design. Simple, with the beauty found in the details and unique cuts. My designs always have an emphasis on the hemlines. Remember this jacket?
How amazing are these cut outs?!! 
xx Marie-Louise


Dylana Suarez said...

You look awesome!


mary louise said...

love the blouse and the bag!!

Sheryl said...

Very pretty!! I love the way you layered it over a dress.


kate said...

i LOVE this look, little lady!

Michelle's Style File said...

Great shirt- love the cuts outs for an extra edge!


Alicia said...

Oooh I'm in ❤ with your blouse!! I wear blouses all the time & this one is amazing, you look great!

Sonia, said...

love your outfit !!