Saturday, February 19, 2011

NYFW: IVANAhelsinki

Some may say they were saving best for last. The IVANAhelsinki was overflowing with people ready to catch a glimpse of what the Finnish designer was coming out with next. With a retro look, the pieces hinted a feeling of a time before. The collection was able to stay very current while still carrying the elements that make these pieces clearly IVANAhelsinki. Fashion is currently leaning towards more conservative and classic cuts while incorporating elements to stay present. The collection focused peacock feathers. The sense of lightness that feathers carry was married to the dresses that were soft and flowing. The print with heavy layers of feather prints, also found on the gift bags, were used on the warmer and heavier pieces such as the dresses with long sleeves and the 60's carpet overcoats. As with most designers, there is always a strong theme presented in each of IVANAhelsinki's collections. Here even the party dress, image 3, reflected the colors found at the tip of the peacock’s feathers.
I want to take a moment to thank Prijo at IVANAhelsinki for, yet again, giving me the opportunity to photograph.
xx Marie-Louise
-all photo's by Marie-Louise, please ask before using.


Anonymous said...

good pictures (like the angle)
like the boots and dresses too

Anonymous said...

So 60s, love the materials, where does she get them or does she design these too?