Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jungle Fever

Hey guys! Here are a couple pieces Ive designed recently. Tori and I went up to the roof to quickly shoot these pictures but it was so terribly cold! The tribal dress has round wooden straps and is made of the softest leather! I call the second piece Pink Spider because the shoulder piece looks like some big hairy creature..its what happens when I look for inspiration in deep sea creature books and then use fur. Oh boy..this gets too fun!
Hope everyone's staying warm xx Marie-Louise


Wild Flower said...

Wow awesome, looks like you been getting your creative on! That leather patchwork in the first dress is really cool. Happy New year to you! x

Anonymous said...

omg good thinking on the first photo!;)

Anonymous said...

Like the ever evolving designs you make.
The top piece is my favorite. That is a design with a statement. Absolutely fabulous! Stands out, you need to look at it again and I bet there would be people wanting to take at least this piece from your collection.

Michaela said...

That first dress is amaaaazing!