Sunday, May 30, 2010

One big world, just to realize

Coming out of my monochromatic phase Ive developed a new appreciation for clean and simple pieces.
Small details and airy colors just infuse a sense of calm and peace.
But whats with the skulls?
Well we go through our own phases and experiment with different things
but some parts of ourselves you never truly let go of-
Its personal evolution rather than becoming someone else.

Im off to Copenhagen for the summer- once I get settled in a few days Ill be back to blogging.
Check out Copenhagen Street Style to see some of the cities best dressed.
-t.keith dress, h&m jacket, qoh mirror ring, uo matte green 7 nail varnish, diy ring

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Origins of Fire

Sticking with some summer staples- strappy sandals, paper thin tanks and high waisted skirts.

Ive started to post a favorite look of the day on twitter.
You can follow me here.
-target lace tank, Marie-Louise skirt, D&O sandals
-photo credit: P.H

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogger Interview: Folu from Dichotomy in the Purest Sense

Meet Folu Akinkuotu, a Providence based fashionista with a flair for finding the most interesting new trends, music, products and just about anything else in between. She’s the one who introduced me to chocolate music records, the beauty of the men’s section and even Hollywood’s latest architectural spaces. Life can never be boring with her every growing recipe collection, never ending twitter updates and easy conversation about anything fashion. With a knack for mixing styles to create her own, she can always be found with bright nail varnish and a new hair cut. Although Folu is associated with anything new, trendy and interesting, she doesn’t fail to project her Nigerian roots by incorporating authentic pieces into her already individual wardrobe. Oh and in case you’re wondering what the latest candy tastes like, just ask Folu, somehow she’s already tried them all.

What types of things do you blog about?
I blog about everything and anything interesting that I see on the street, talk about with my friends or when I’m browsing the internet, which I tend to do 90% of my life.

How often do you blog?
I aim for every other day but sometimes it two times a week. Some days when I’m really inspired I make several posts but make them scheduled posts to spaces them out. I feel like if you blog too often, they loose some of their value.
What are your favorite cites and daily reads?

The streethearts
Notcot/ Notcouture

What are your favorite summer trends?
-loose layers over bodycon dresses
-neutrals paired with a bold color (neons)
What do you think are some closet staples that all women should own?
-boyfriend style blazer: one that is more classic but in an interesting fabric
-a pencil skirt because they are universally flattering
- an assortment of tights- you can change up a look just by changing the tights

Best low end shops?
-H&M (men’s section!)- most women don’t check it out but they have some really great pieces
-JC Penny- believe it or not but their diffusion lines are like Targets but they have a much better fit. The target pieces usually have a more boxy fit compared with JC Penny.
- Payless
- new york & co

Best new gadgets? this is a retail bookmarking cite. Its a collection of all the coolest things you can buy on the internet.
-stickybits: this can attach data to any barcode/qr code. like a website or picture
How involved with twitter are you?
Twitter is the first and last thing I do every day. It keeps me connected to the world. It has helped me form relationships with talented and hilarious people around the globe. I have over 16,000 tweets!

What are your career goals?
-cool hunter /trend forecaster
-menswear boutique owner
-copywriter/ social media writer

You can find all of Folu’s interesting finds on her blog : Dichotomy in the Purest Sense.


Monday, May 24, 2010

We are- all that we are

Here are some snapshots of the shoulder dress I whipped together the last week of school-
Wore this to one of the events during commencement week.
Loved the mix of fabrics and how although it was fitted it was still super comfortable.

-Marie-Louise champagne shoulder dress

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jet Blue

Whats the radius of fashion understanding?
This outfit received nods and comments of approval in Providence but as I traveled back home
I got- "why are you dressed like a cat?" or "Did you really wear that to your friends graduation?!"
Its interesting how within a 45 minute drive
a shirt can go from being understood to the source of confusion.
Personally this felt more like a pair of wings or a space suit rather than a cat..
-sparkle and fade top, h&m skirt, Deena&Ozzy cross sandals, Marie-Louise leather bag, qoh mirror ring

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fresh Cut

Nice to have a chance to put some real clothes on again-
spent the day doing heart warming things.
With this weather theres nothing better than a paper thin t and a flowy skirt.

Threw this leather clutch together before formal night.
The brick zipper adds a nice touch of color and the leather is so soft.
It just might be a new favorite.
Gotta brother did a nice job with the camera today.

-one star paper t, kimchi blue skirt, Deena&Ozzy cross sandals, Marie-Louise clutch, qoh mirror ring

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Night Lights

Its always nice to have a reason to dress up.
There's a reason why every woman should have that little black dress 
as back up. I was sewing my formal night dress for commencement 
but time ran out- so to the trusty black dress. 

I made my special events night dress- but never got to take 
pictures. Ill do a post soon enough to show you!

-bcbg dress, f21 cuffs, revlon lip stain

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The weathers been great for breaking out some pushed aside pieces and trying new combinations.
This vintage leather skirt has been waiting patiently and I finally found the urge to wear it.
It has a wonderfully high waist- perfect to tuck shirts in.

Feeling another 1x3 post coming with this blouse. I throw it over..Everything.

-h&m lace blouse, vintage leather skirt, aldo wingtips, gifted cuff

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1X3: Sweater Tunes

This Gina Tricot sweater is one of my best buys.
I remember not being able to decided on a small or medium and - After settling on the small Ive worn this sweater from fall, through the winter and now into spring.
Its perfect for being comfortable but still looking pulled together.
With jeans, tucked into a skirt, belted, over a bodycon dress or as lounge wear- its always manages to suit the bill.
Cant go wrong.
outfit 1: ae tank, uo skirt, aldo wingtips
outfit 2: marie-louise circle vest, bdg jeans, h&m pendant and canvas shoes
outfit 3: topshop shoes, h&m leggings, gina tricot rings, gap tank

Friday, May 7, 2010

Across the scene, through space and time

One more exam. new favorite h&m sweater. borrowed ray-bans. found good new music. new favorite places. thickening design binder. dreaming up possibilities. back in love with coffee. summer weather. amazing people. sewing commencement dresses. home remedies. fresh effects invigorating green team mint chap stick. life soundtrack. morning sun. DIY idea project overload. fallen for the mac phenomenon. 

-h&m sweater/pendant, DIY bdg shorts, f21 tank, ray-bans
-photo credit: P.H

Thursday, May 6, 2010

In Rotation

Its its back to the basics with neutral tones, wingtips and paper thin t's
aldo wingtips and earrings, bdg jeans, one star t, h&m sweater
uo matte green 7, orange 5, rimmel 200 princess pink, nyc times square 224b, f21 cuff, qoh mirror ring
I wasnt lying when saying I was getting into pinks and reds.
Its time to embrace the change and run with it.
These Aldo pages have the perfect color schemes for this summer.
For spring Im keeping these h&m pinstripe canvas shoes, Deena&Ozzy cross sandals, topshop woven flats and Aldo wingtips in rotation.
Some more DIY and projects in the works- Cant wait to share..

Monday, May 3, 2010

1X3: Blazer of Glory- Part 2

And the perfection of this blazer continues.
All weather, styles and moods- its a go-to.

-outfit 1: topshop blazer, h&m sweater and pendant, converse high tops, Marie-Louise Bag
-outfit 2: diesel t, uo belt, bdg jeans, kate gifted earrings
-outfit 3: aa tank, h&m skirt and pendant

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Green Skulls

Some days I like to throw things together that I usually would'nt wear together.
Like this spiked cuff, mirror ring and lion belt.

These photos are from about a week ago..before these pants experienced this transformation.

Waterfire is having a fashion show today-
It will be exciting to see how they've styled some of my pieces!
Enjoy the summer weather this weekend

-topshop shoes, bdg jeans, f21 tank, uo lion belt, qoh mirror ring, gifted spiked cuff