Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blown Away

After spotting the back zipper on the skirt,
I knew that Id have to get over my anti-polka dot theory. 
After embracing the fact-
I started thinking of pattern mixing with stripes and floral prints.

Might not have been the best thing to wear on such a windy day..
At least Im a smart cookie and threw some biker shorts on underneath..

Loved the bold floral print on Kate's DIY dress. 
She took some layers off the skirt of the dress and added the cutest little buttons.
And those sun glasses. Perfect.
-gina tricot sweater, ae tank, f21 jeweled cuff, kimchi blue back zipper skirt, aldo wingtips

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'd whisper them all aloud

Sometimes its the days that you don't plan on blogging that work the best. 

Wore my new bdg cigarette jeans- 
There is nothing like finally finding a pair of pants that fit like a glove.
Whoever thought high waisted pants were a no-go was crazy.
They are so comfortable and flattering.

-bdg jeans, aldo wingtips, missimo tank and sweater, h&m pendant, Marie-Louise circle vest, uo headband

Sunday, April 25, 2010

1X3: Studded Obsession

Usually its the basic pieces that are the best to use over and over
but sometimes its that special item that adds the perfect
touch of you to each outfit.
This BCBG studded belt is my personality in a materialistic item.
Its also has been worn over shirts here and here or with a formal dress here.
It can do no wrong.
-outfit 1: f21 dress, steve madden moccasins, friis company bag
-outfit 2: target dress, zara sweater, aldo diy fold down boots, vintage purse
-outfit 3: by corpus sweater, missimo sweater and dress, chelsea boots

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burnt Beneath

I always end up looking more dressed up for class than when Im actually supposed to be dressed up.
I think it has something to do with wearing things at the wrong time
and completely enjoying that. 

Clothes are never done. Once a pair of pants- now a pair of shorts. 
For every piece of clothing- it can have two..even three lives.
A few adjustments and ta-da!

-aa leotard, bdg diy shorts, uo lion belt, aldo wingtips, qof mirror ring, blue me away sally hansen blue nail varnish

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here comes the sun

Here are some shots from the last two shoots. 
Special thanks to Kelly and Ariel- who were both wonderful. 
Doing this kind of thing is honestly one of the most exciting things. 

Another exhibition is going up May 3rd in Hunt-Cavanagh. 

-outfit one: Marie-Louise floral pleated dress, f21 pink jewel cuff, gifted spiked bracelet
-outfit two: h&m studded jacket and skirt, petticoat tank, rave gold belt
-outfit three: Marie-Louise jacket, gina tricot sweater, target bikini top, vila shorts, gifted gold necklace, f21 gold chain 
-outfit four: h&m lace blouse

Monday, April 19, 2010



Worked another shoot today with Kelly. 
Cant wait to take a peek at what we shot.

 My friends know me so well when they surprised me with this spiked cuff-
it adds a touch of hardness to this airy outfit- 
which is what Im all about.

-h&m lace blouse, target single pocket tank, bdg cigarettes, topshop shoes

Sunday, April 18, 2010

1X3: Homage

Anyone else forget what kind of skirt harbored the same potential and practicality
as the bodycon-mummy style skirts?
Something is always worth the purchase if you can find at least three different types of occasions to wear something.
This type of skirt is transgresses different styles, occasions and weather.
Cant remember when a skirt has hit this note before.
outfit 1: vintage butterfly top, h&m skirt, wedges
outfit 2: gina tricot top, converse high tops
outfit 3: aldo lace ups, diy top, BCBG studded belt

Friday, April 16, 2010

Worms and Feathers

When the weather takes a turn for the worse-
which seems to be every weekend around here-
Nothing fits the bill quite like an oversized sweater.
Other versions of this style here, here and here.
-aldo wingtips, h&m bodycon, protege sweater

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1x3: Blazer of Glory

I knew the minute I saw this Topshop shoulderpad-less blazer in London last summer -that I could use this blazer again and again.
And I have. There is no way this blazer has felt neglected.
Its always hanging right in front where I can grab it no problem.
Layering, casual, formal, business, night out- its ideal.

-outfit 1:oldnavy sweater, petticoat tank, h&m scarf, vila shorts, bakers wingtips
-outfit 2: f21 dress, h&m wedges, uo belts
-outfit 3: bdg jeans, gina tricot shirt, Marie-Louise scarf, uo headband

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feminine Mr.

Something strange is happening.
Ive hated pink hues adamantly since I can remember..
but lately I cant get enough of this pink blazer,
red nail varnish, red lip stains, and any editorial
that features delicate and whimsical vibes, with models
covered head to toe in lace, pastels and flowers.
Its true to form though- I always end up loving the things Ive hated.

Mens wear is the easiest go-to style.

-bdg cigarettes, aldo wingtips, converse t, amanda smith blazer

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Gold

Here are some images from the shoot earlier today.
Kelly has a hidden model in her!
I've been meaning to use this area for photos for such a long time- 
it was nice to finally get the chance. 

-please ask and credit before using the photos
-styling and photography: M-L
-vintage butterfly top, h&m bodycon dress, aldo lace up heels, chelsea boots, target dress, swedish cream scarf, f21 cuffs and gold link necklace, vintage white blouse, Marie-Louise disk vest

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grape Flavor

Wore this during my "safari meets lace" themed shoot today-
It was great to be back behind the camera
and doing my share of styling.

Ill post a few samples up here as soon as Im done working on them.

Found this incredible collection of shattered glass by the side of the road-
would this not be wonderful to incorporate into a dress
with all the glass culminating at the hem and
becoming more spare higher up on the skirt portion?

Yea, I thought so.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend.
-target tank, kimichi blue shorts, h&m canvas shoes, Marie-Louise floral cuff, qof ring

Saturday, April 10, 2010

1x3: Grey Area

After starting these 1x3 posts- which are so much fun-
I realized that I already have 1x3 or even 1x4, 1x5 
examples because of how much I re-wear clothes.
Everyone always thinks I have more clothes than in truth-
so there must be some method to my budget!

This grey skirt serves as a great basic- 
that can be the base for any style or look you're going for.
Here-we've pretty much covered the bases-
A night out, academia ready and summer casual.
Click here for a fourth version.

-picture one: missimo tank, rave belt, f21 skirt, aldo lace up heels
-picture two: heritage blouse, h&m leather vest, f21 skirt and jeweled cuff
-picture three: f21 skirt and tank, gina tricot rings, sweater by mi abuela

shop Marie-Louise

I have finally finished setting up shopMarie-Louise on Etsy. 
The pieces that are not in Queen of Hearts you can find here!

You can always find the link on the icon on the left column.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kiwanis: Tilt

This weather creates the best vibe-
How could anyone be negative right now?

To match this incredible day-
I pulled out my all time favorite summer dress
and headed into town for a hair cut and a massage.
White is the ideal summer color.

-h&m canvas shoes, Marie-Louise Floral silk cuff, qoh mirror ring, tracey feith dress, uo scarf

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Setting Sun

The harder I work-
the more I want to dress up and feel feminine.

Ever notice how paper paint color swatches at home improvement stores make the best template for outlining color schemes for a new collection?
Snagged about 15 today..

-target lace tank, f21 skirt, aldo lace up heels