Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zen Denim

Spend the first day here doing random things and meeting friends.
Unfortunately, my dream of leaving the airport to hit a wall of warm air was shot down with the rain-
but it was nice not to have to layer.

There are so many great backgrounds here for pictures.
-h&m jacket, sneakers, UO lion belt, tshirt, bdg jeans, Marie-Louise bag, aldo square earrings 

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Inventory @ Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts is moving onto 220 Westminster St (Providence).
Check out their website- you can shop online now!

Ive dropped off the following pieces for when the shops re-opens in March.
I salvaged these pictures from the Firehouse 13 fashion show in January.

River Shoulder Dress

Leather Shoulder Dress
Pleated Skirt Tank Dress

Skeleton Dress

Leaf Dress

Floral Skirt

Leather Pillow Dress

Off to catch some sun- Be back in a week!
All pieces are Marie-Louise design except the AA leotard in picture 12

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tip Toes

The weather has been more monochromatic that I could have ever hoped to be with my wardrobe.
Cant wait to be on the west coast next week and finally see some sun.
Itll be exciting to work in some color - time to pull out the pink blazer, orange sweater and floral dresses.
-gina tricot sweater, Marie-Louise vest, h&m canvas sneakers and pendant, bdg jeans

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The small details make a simple piece memorable. The lace detailing on this blouse, the pin stripes on the sneakers and the leather jackets wrist zippers make each of these pieces unique. 
Its like people, there are some things about them that make them who they are and differentiate them from others. 
-bdg jeans, petticoat tank top, h&m shirt, pendant, canvas sneakers, fishbone leather jacket

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dark Horse

Dressing in all black is so empowering. Even after I decided that this little monochromatic phase of mine might be coming to an end Im getting these sudden desires to dress like..this! Going monochromatic has really helped me solidify a closet that can mix and match. Now just to add some color back in.

-missimo pleated dress and sweater, chelsea boots, UO lion belt

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who Knew

Fashion is sometimes about surprising yourself by loving something you once hated.
Its part of the evolution of style in general and for oneself.
Now I cant say Ive fallen for fanny packs but we can see that designers like Alice Roi and Phillip Lim in 2006 and 2007 made commendable attempts.
Over break, while obsessing about leather, someone joked that I should make a leather fanny pack. Eventually just for the laugh, I did.
Shockingly it turned out to be a big hit this past weekend.

-Marie-Louise fanny pack
Folu from folu-akinkuotu

Sunday, February 14, 2010

To spread love like violence

Spent a lovely Saturday night filled with friends and dance parties.
Everyone we met was refreshingly doing their own thing.
I wore a Marie-Louise skirt, UO lion belt, Aldo shoes and a h&m black t.
I think the lace shoulders adds the sweetest touch.

Tori rocked some bloody valentines spirit with an AA neon pink braided belt over a h&m black body con dress and blouse.

Folu is the queen of bright colors and fearless combinations. Check out that lilac watch and lime nail varnish.

All it takes to pull something off is to just wear it.
Tori from deetztales
Folu from folu-akinkuotu

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Firehouse 13 // Video

Here's a video from the fashion show at Firehouse 13.
Tori did an amazing job putting it together.
And check out the birthday post she did- she's my best promoter.

Also, thanks to the JWU fashion club for having me as a guest speaker yesterday. You all were so kind and a wonderful audience.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here is the focal piece from my latest collection. Inspiration is unpredictable. 
Bringing the human rib cage and backbone to the outside somehow seemed to fit my current focus on leather, oversized zippers, and monochromatic colors.
Mixing in a sense of sturdiness and statement-ness in with femininity has become a seemingly recurring element in the pieces I design.

Had one of the best weekends- Life is good, no?
-Marie-Louise skeleton dress, chelsea boots, fishbone leather jacket, zara bag

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Felt a comfortable mix of androgyny and femininity in this.

Had such a lovely birthday! oh 21..Its incredible to think about how many things have happened and changed in the past year. Crazy.

Some exciting projects and events coming up. Ill keep you posted.
And Im still getting a hold of pictures from the Firehouse 13 fashion show. They have been lost in translation.
-h&m studded cardigan and pendant, bdg cigarette jeans, aldo wingtips, AA tank