Friday, December 31, 2010

Recluse in Sweden

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone’s been having a happy and peaceful time. As for me I trekked my way to Sweden to spend the holidays with my family. Missed their faces terribly! AAnd its nice to be around people who have as big of as sweet tooth as me! haha I turned into the at home Chocolatier whipping together these marzipan and nougat treats..

There is so much snow and its oh so cold... its all I can do to stay warm! Couldn't have managed without this Marie-Louise scarf wrapped around my head.. with just my eyes peeping out.

Its always a pleasure to open my moms closet doors and paw through to see what treasures I can borrow for the day. Her fur coats make me smile. Wore this one with a pair of h&m suede patch leggings.

Besides trying to keep warm, Ive been trying my hand at soups, learning "Same Changes" by the Weepies on the guitar, snowboarding and of course....sewing! Cant wait to show you the newest piece!
Its a crazy one... xx Marie-Louise

outfit 1: vintage orange jacket, Marie-Louise scarf, bdg cigarett pants, missimo boots, handmade mittens
outfit 2: vintage fur coat, express shirt, h&m leggings, missimo boots


Anonymous said...

mm.... looks good

Isabella said...

hey! must say that I really like your style and have been following you since you took a picture of me in Providence in october.
I just read this post and saw that you were in sweden and cant just stop being curious and ask if your from the coundtry, since i am too and just thought it was funny how one never would expect that in the moment. small world or something like that i guess i mean. anyway, great style, great blogg :-) (i dont want to write in swedish if i happen to be completly wrong)

Anonymous said...

Nice fur coat, cool style.