Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nazo Lab

Here are some images from one of my projects called Nazo Lab.
By using color film I was aiming to keep a vintage and bizarre atmosphere while still focusing on the pieces. (ie. the dress, the Chloe bag, a well tailored suite and the sun glasses)
We ran into this off beat scene downtown during a small design fair.
Dear Providence, you always manage to surprise.

-f21 dress, hollister belt, Chloe bag, Neosens shoes
Please ask and credit before using my images!


Sophie said...

Wierd.. Did she hurt her eye or something? It (along with the coffee) takes the focus away from the dress. The glasses are not the focus of attention either..

Anonymous said...

Nice dress and interesting photos

Anonymous said...

Well Sophie, earlier that week my face had been impaled by a surfboard - almost lost an eye. So in this case that little dress made all the difference between feeling like a monster and feeling like a lady.