Sunday, October 10, 2010

When the sun shines

I love looking at menswear for inspiration.. not for guys but for myself!
The elbow patches that have been popping up on mens blazers are the perfect DIY project. First victim: this Gina Tricot sweater, next up: every blazer and blouse in my closet. Alright, maybe thats an overstatement but this trend cant be anything but a staple in my winter closet. 

This weekend has been so lovely. The suns been shinning and Providence has been crawling with fashionistas.  To start showcasing all things fashion in Providence I  just LAUNCHED ProvidenceStyle! Check it out!!

*DIY Gina Tricot sweater, h&m bodycon and bowler hat, Marie-Louise leather bag

1 comment:

Drackar said...

It seems to be pure function for men. Something to help you not rub holes through the elbows.