Thursday, September 30, 2010

Marie-Louise "Wild Card" Collection 2010

This past friday, I found myself back at Firehouse 13 fitting models and pulling details together before showing my latest collection, Wild Card. This round focused on lower hemlines, higher waists and a number of tops reminiscent of vintage bathing suits. The color scheme was kept neutral with earth tones which was a stark contrast to the last collection which focused on heavy black leather. Despite the clear separation from the prior collection, some things haven’t changed. Leather detailing and bold zippers were not left in the dust. As the looks came out the audience was exposed to the transitions from summer to winter, starting with a look very reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers and ending with a Christmas dress.

Thanks everyone for the great turn out, lovely response and all the support.
Special thanks to my dad and Sarah for photographing the show.
Video clip to come!


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rosalita fashionista said...

congrats! gorg collection! I love the exposed zippers and bare midriffs. btw vintage coach giveaway on my blog