Monday, August 30, 2010

Wide angle

Fristads peppermint buttondown, h&m bodycon dress, aldo wingtips, rave belt, Marie-Louise purse, vintage watch
below: BDG jacket
h&m jean jacket and red shoes, kimchi blue skirt, vintage satchel, london sunnies, gina tricot earrings
Been spending my last few days in Copenhagen acting as a tour guide but also being a tourist. Nothing beats being a tourist in your own city. We were able to rake the city for its little shops with unique pieces. It doesn't matter if your looking in big chain stores or in little one of a kind boutiques- Danes always pay such great attention to detail and cut. Things fit impeccably and are cut with enviable precision. The style is always clean and minimal but brightened with small details.

As for all the red...its my color obsession of the moment!
photos: (also previous post: P.Hedberg)


Mici Milovaného said...

both outfits are very lovely!!

Dylana Suarez said...

Looks like a wonderful trip!

mary louise said...

i love those red shoes so much!! and that large brown bag is to die for. great post :)

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