Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soulland SS11

 Soulland's show was not just about the clothes but about the atmosphere. Fist clenched and converse clad models sped down the runway in impeccably tailored pieces that met somewhere between casual and formal wear. There were suit pieces and button down shirts mixed in with knit sweaters and shorts. This line is where to look for staple pieces that you then use to build your own looks around. Moving away from their t-shirt and infamous fedora beginnings, Soulland looks have evolved. Even so, they were still  conscious of keeping their original vibe present. The show crew was outfitted with their staple fedoras and the show ended blaring Metallica.

image via google

p.s: to the girls I met at this show- it was such a pleasure to meet you!!
-photography: MLMWinther

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