Monday, August 16, 2010

Norwegian Fashion Institute { TSH, iiS, Undorn, Moods of Norway}

The first designer to present in the NFI show started the program off to a bright and energetic start. The underlying Sea Creature theme found its way into flowing summery dresses, glittery eveningwear and structured formal dresses. If you weren't able to pick up on the theme easily enough, one of the models walked the runway sporting a lobster headband. This line is definitely for the light and fun hearted.

by Siv Elise Seland
For the fashionistas that a truly feminine at heart, this line provided the ruffles and sequins. There was a nice balance between fashion and comfort, never neglecting either one.

Neutrals done right. Undorn presented pieces that could easily become staple items.
The line kept things quite casual except for a shear grey strapless dress. The draped material moved with the models motion accentuating the light material- ideal for summer events.

Moods of Norway
Remember never to take yourself, or fashion for that matter, too seriously.
Life should be fun and so should your clothes.
From top to bottom, from the colored hats to the bright soles, Moods of Norway gave men a chance to express themselves loudly. Maybe the designers send off would help explain the lighthearted mentality of the line:

Entering and exiting with jumps and skips, the audience gave this duo an equally fun response.

-all photographs by MLMWinther

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