Monday, August 30, 2010

Wide angle

Fristads peppermint buttondown, h&m bodycon dress, aldo wingtips, rave belt, Marie-Louise purse, vintage watch
below: BDG jacket
h&m jean jacket and red shoes, kimchi blue skirt, vintage satchel, london sunnies, gina tricot earrings
Been spending my last few days in Copenhagen acting as a tour guide but also being a tourist. Nothing beats being a tourist in your own city. We were able to rake the city for its little shops with unique pieces. It doesn't matter if your looking in big chain stores or in little one of a kind boutiques- Danes always pay such great attention to detail and cut. Things fit impeccably and are cut with enviable precision. The style is always clean and minimal but brightened with small details.

As for all the red...its my color obsession of the moment!
photos: (also previous post: P.Hedberg)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kings Garden

I spent the day walking around downtown, popping in and out of the different shops to see what was new. Just trying to squeeze in all of Copenhagen's goodness before Im off again.
These newly scored Karen linen pants were really comfortable with a target single pocket tank, h&m jean jacket and aldo shoes.
These sunnies from London, vintage watch and Marie-Louise studded bracelet have
become daily go-to's.

This satchel is amazing. Its a vintage leather piece from my grandmother and it fits EVERYTHING. Today we stashed in two cameras and all the other junk we thought necessary. Besides being so practical, it makes the perfect understated statement to whatever outfit its worn with. It turned out to be incredibly practical for fashion week.
I wore these Marie-Louise leather shorts with a Sparkle and Fade top and Queen of Hearts mirror ring to the Wackerhaus, NFI and IVANAhelsinki shows.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

American Retro SS11

Thinking about what to write about this show, I keep falling onto the point of how easily all these pieces could be incorporated into my existing wardrobe. There were items after items that these barefoot models brought out, where I went "oo I like that!" or "oo I could wear that." The pieces were very wearable and fun, while still keeping maturity. The collection danced the line of several fashion do's and dont's but succeeded each time. Mixing blacks and browns- done right. Midriff tops- done right. And my mother will be happy to know that her prediction that shoulder cut out shirts would be back in style this season was correct, again American Retro did it right.

-all photos by MLMWinther

Monday, August 16, 2010

IVANAhelsinki SS11

Our clothes become part of our own personal narrative and IVANAhelsinki captured that concept in the runway show. Nautical themed dresses, shorts and sweaters were used to  illustrate the cyclical story of a lady awaiting her sailor. The show started with a short film setting up the scene of a lady walking the shores to "Scarborough Fair", longing for the return of her sailor. The models slowly walked the runway in summer cut dresses that clearly fed the nautical theme with anchors and ropes. The show ended with the collections most unique piece, featured here as the first picture. The entire dress was constructed with rope, giving the dress a strict A line shape. IVANAhelsinki's SS11 pieces were clearly wearable and applicable to many individuals personal summer narratives. These are the types of pieces people will grab to wear over and over.
Find more information here and at

-all photos by MLMWinther

Norwegian Fashion Institute { TSH, iiS, Undorn, Moods of Norway}

The first designer to present in the NFI show started the program off to a bright and energetic start. The underlying Sea Creature theme found its way into flowing summery dresses, glittery eveningwear and structured formal dresses. If you weren't able to pick up on the theme easily enough, one of the models walked the runway sporting a lobster headband. This line is definitely for the light and fun hearted.

by Siv Elise Seland
For the fashionistas that a truly feminine at heart, this line provided the ruffles and sequins. There was a nice balance between fashion and comfort, never neglecting either one.

Neutrals done right. Undorn presented pieces that could easily become staple items.
The line kept things quite casual except for a shear grey strapless dress. The draped material moved with the models motion accentuating the light material- ideal for summer events.

Moods of Norway
Remember never to take yourself, or fashion for that matter, too seriously.
Life should be fun and so should your clothes.
From top to bottom, from the colored hats to the bright soles, Moods of Norway gave men a chance to express themselves loudly. Maybe the designers send off would help explain the lighthearted mentality of the line:

Entering and exiting with jumps and skips, the audience gave this duo an equally fun response.

-all photographs by MLMWinther

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wackerhaus SS11

Say hello to the line that will be defining next season or at least my closet. The color pallet of mint green, sherbet orange and pastel grey worked seamlessly together. The mint green gave the pieces freshness and the sherbet orange gave a shot of energy. Despite the new take on colors, these pieces nonetheless shout out with everlasting possibility. I could wear these pieces today and I could wear these pieces when I’ve become shy about my age. Wackerhaus has landed it right this season by not only providing pieces with time durability but pieces that fit the present trends. These trousers are the new option for the ever popular high waisted vintage trousers.

Well done Wackerhaus.
-all photos by MLMWinther

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jean Phillip SS11

Coming out of this show I felt as if a sense of precision had overtaken me. I sat with my back a bit straighter and held my satchel a bit more stiffly. Jean Phillip's collection was overwhelmingly minimal and neutral, making the cut of each piece that much more important. It was obvious the tailoring that has gone into every piece- Even the draping collars and pockets were designed with the upmost care.
The collection brought to mind a range of things from wrestling shorts and roman togas to a warrior like stoicism. Despite these references to, perhaps, "a time before" it couldn’t have felt more modern.

-photography: MLMWinther

Soulland SS11

 Soulland's show was not just about the clothes but about the atmosphere. Fist clenched and converse clad models sped down the runway in impeccably tailored pieces that met somewhere between casual and formal wear. There were suit pieces and button down shirts mixed in with knit sweaters and shorts. This line is where to look for staple pieces that you then use to build your own looks around. Moving away from their t-shirt and infamous fedora beginnings, Soulland looks have evolved. Even so, they were still  conscious of keeping their original vibe present. The show crew was outfitted with their staple fedoras and the show ended blaring Metallica.

image via google

p.s: to the girls I met at this show- it was such a pleasure to meet you!!
-photography: MLMWinther

Rützou SS11

The Rützou show was defined by bold drapery and metallics-
With a main focus on lilacs, pastel pinks and neutrals.
The large draping dresses and flowing jackets were sealed into shape with statement belts or body necklaces. The metallic detailing was Balmain reminiscent yet the pieces turned away from the destroyed feel and were kept clean cut. Typical to Scandinavian style the collection combined both classic contemporary trend with comfort. Susanne Rützou stayed true to her aim to create a collection that makes women "feel good, look good and feel comfortable."

p.s- It was a wonderful to meet you Hanneli!
-photography: MLMWinther

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yeah, I still get dressed

Taking street fashion pictures is so much more fun than outfit posts but just to show you I haven't fallen off the face of the planet..

Copenhagen Fashion Week starts this Wednesday and Ill be snapping pictures at a number of shows-
Rützou, Soulland, Jean//Phillip, NFI, Wackerhaus, IVANAhelsinki and American Retro.
so get excited to see what the Scandinavians have in store for SS11.

-outfit 1: h&m vest, kimchi blue skirt, Julies closet tank, chelsea boots
-outfit 2: h&m mesh sweater dress, petticoat lane tank
-outfit 3: aa leotard, bike shorts, Marie-Louise skirt
-outfit 4: amanda smith blazer, vila shorts, aldo heels, Marie-Louise studded bracelet

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Copenhagen: A Little's Enough

The details here keep your eyes moving.  
From the pin in her hair to her delicately hung bow necklace, she has a great balance.
Metallics always seem to vibrate in the summer and keep things fresh.

-all individuals featured in street fashion posts have given verbal agreement to have their images posted on this site permanently and royalty free.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Inspire Me

I love to re-evaluate my inspiration board keeping some old and adding some new- Some from a few days some from many years ago. Some things you can't help but keep loving.

Definitely feeling curly hair, precisely cut pieces, structured heels, and neutrals with a bit of color.

I love everything here from the fur heels and hints of metallic to the Western jewelry and red lip stain.

Oh and I threw in Natalie Coughlin for good measure.

-images from everywhere: teen vogue, vogue, elle us, elle dk, how to spend, nylon, aldo, splash