Friday, May 7, 2010

Across the scene, through space and time

One more exam. new favorite h&m sweater. borrowed ray-bans. found good new music. new favorite places. thickening design binder. dreaming up possibilities. back in love with coffee. summer weather. amazing people. sewing commencement dresses. home remedies. fresh effects invigorating green team mint chap stick. life soundtrack. morning sun. DIY idea project overload. fallen for the mac phenomenon. 

-h&m sweater/pendant, DIY bdg shorts, f21 tank, ray-bans
-photo credit: P.H


Dylana Suarez said...

These shots are unbelievably gorgeous! They make me want to hit the beach pronto. Love the pop of neon color here! Love this look sooooooo much!

Folu said...

Neon Sunglasses? i think i sense my realm of influence and I like it, a lot.

I need to see you soon....and there need to be pictures involved and DIY

Katie Tomlinson said...

Very cool sunglasses!

Deetz said...

I absolutely love how you reinvent that neon striped shirt. I'm a sucker for it every time, never gets old!

ari said...

love the neon color of the stripes on the tank! beautiful beach pictures :)

Anonymous said...

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