Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grape Flavor

Wore this during my "safari meets lace" themed shoot today-
It was great to be back behind the camera
and doing my share of styling.

Ill post a few samples up here as soon as Im done working on them.

Found this incredible collection of shattered glass by the side of the road-
would this not be wonderful to incorporate into a dress
with all the glass culminating at the hem and
becoming more spare higher up on the skirt portion?

Yea, I thought so.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend.
-target tank, kimichi blue shorts, h&m canvas shoes, Marie-Louise floral cuff, qof ring


WildFlower said...

I like the composition of these shots (how your not just in the middle of the pic. The fabrics in your outfit look lush and nice to wear.
Awesome dress inspiration with the glass! I guess the hard part would be how to sew the pieces on.

Dylana Suarez said...

those trousers are so chic! What a beautiful color, too!

Folu said...

Love the shorts, sorry for being such a creeper tonight bahahahaha

Ljubica said...

great pics!
you look great and that shattered glass is very cool as well!