Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the Side

There is nothing like the spring sun and knowing that everything is in renewal.  It makes me anxious to switch things up in my closet and start afresh. Ive been having fun playing with things Ive forgotten for a while; patterns, colors, jewelry. 

Even though I can feel my monochromatic phase fading, it really has taught me a lot. Its helped simplify things and keep things a bit more focused in each outfit. It allowed me to see the beauty of shapes, fabrics and small details. Sometimes you have to go to an extreme in order to better understand or appreciate. 

-bdg jacket, h&m dress and canvas shoes, anthropology tights


Damsels said...

i love the way your dress fits you. sometimes what i like to do is wear really colorful stuff in the winter and fall and then in summer and spring i do a b it of a monochrome thing to mix it up .

Anonymous said...

Coming to the colors of spring!

S. Bernstein said...

I like the title of your blog a lot. You have such cute outfits!

jcoutant said...

I looked at the two albums/posts you told me about. I love these pictures. He has talent.