Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1 X 3: Jean Jacket

The jean jacket- 
with an asymmetrical zipper and puffed sleeves, 
this universal piece has the perfect touch of individuality. 

I found myself wearing this for every occasion last season and 
have been craving warmer weather to bring it back out again. 

special thanks to Kate 
-outfit 1: h&m jean jacket, aldo earrings, h&m bodycon dress, chelsea boots, uo studded belt
-outfit 2: h&m jean jacket, bdg cigaret jeans, topshop woven shoes, all-star blouse, queen of hearts ring
-outfit 3: h&m jean jacket, vila shorts, h&m canvas shoes, f21 front zip cropped tank, qoh ring

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1 X 3: Marie-Louise Skirt

Here is the first installment of the 1x3 style series.
The Marie-Louise high waisted skirt is put into three different looks.

Bright Vibes: tank: forever 21, purse: marc by marc jacob, shoes: topshop

Earth Tones: leotard: AA, heels: aldo, cuff: forever 21

Floral Touch: dress: target, cuff: forever 21, wingtips: aldo


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out of Box

Personal style.
Is it a specific style thats consistent? or is it just the way you influence what ever it may be that you are wearing? 
Ive always been conflicted with making sure that I am in some way representing who I am in what Im wearing with taking fashion as something to experiement with.
Fashion is malleable- we can take on one style one day and change the next.
Maybe, as with everthing, its a compromise.
If we are truly individuals who have personal style- even when we are reaching out of our own "style box" we must still influence it in some way-
still making the outfit our own.

- heritage blouse, topshop blazer, vila shorts, aldo wingtips, uo lion belt

Monday, March 22, 2010

Silver and Gold

Do you mix silver and gold?

I think fashion rules are meant to be broken.
And besides, this rule was made in middle school-
when I still thought gold was a grandma thing.

-random bracelets, vintage metallic purse, gina tricot sweater

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Had a lovely afternoon with Kate yesterday.
Shes one of my obliging photographers.
Wore an Amanda Smith pink blazer with a f21 dress and chain necklace.
Its always nice to add a bit of structure to a free flowing dress.

Her hat was the perfect touch.

We picnicked and watched the sunset. It was the perfect way to start spring.

Friday, March 19, 2010

to the Beat of your own Drum

Here are some more pictures from the white t project.
Maybe its because Im about to start another round of photo shooting soon but Im loving looking back at pictures from the beginning.

model: Tori
Please ask and credit before using these pictures

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Apple

Snapped these picture near one of my favorite spots in Providence. The overlook is beautiful and the hills coming down from it are so steep you wonder if your car wont just roll away.

Used this lime green leather bag by Marc by Marc Jacob today.
Its one of those dream bags with the wrong handles.
Strongly considering finding a little old man in some leather shop to fix me up with a long strap to sling over my shoulder.

-Marc by Marc Jacob bag, h&m t and wedges, topshop pants

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Marie-Louise's Pulse

Just realized that it was exactly one year ago that Marie-Louise's Pulse was started.
This has been an incredible [fashion] journey so far- I can only imagine where it will go from here.
Thanks to all my readers who keep coming back.
Thanks to all my friends who are always supportive of my fashion endeavors-
Be it helping me blog or coming to my fashion shows.
Same goes for my incredible family.
Here's to another year!

White T

This was my first attempt at fashion photography back in spring 09.
The objective was to "sell a white t".
Ended up doing the project in black and white but its always fun to look back
to where it all started.
Raw and unedited.

- model: tori
- All photographs are taken by me so please ask and credit before using these images.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Small Things

1. tori in LA. uo sweater. aa doffel bag.
2. jewelry might be exciting again.
3. The Beat. Burberry. la navy blue. uo orange num. 5. revlon tuscan sun. sally hanson
4. boston parking garage 09. fishbone leather jacket
5. anthropology polka dot tights
6. keep your eyes open.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the Side

There is nothing like the spring sun and knowing that everything is in renewal.  It makes me anxious to switch things up in my closet and start afresh. Ive been having fun playing with things Ive forgotten for a while; patterns, colors, jewelry. 

Even though I can feel my monochromatic phase fading, it really has taught me a lot. Its helped simplify things and keep things a bit more focused in each outfit. It allowed me to see the beauty of shapes, fabrics and small details. Sometimes you have to go to an extreme in order to better understand or appreciate. 

-bdg jacket, h&m dress and canvas shoes, anthropology tights