Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who Knew

Fashion is sometimes about surprising yourself by loving something you once hated.
Its part of the evolution of style in general and for oneself.
Now I cant say Ive fallen for fanny packs but we can see that designers like Alice Roi and Phillip Lim in 2006 and 2007 made commendable attempts.
Over break, while obsessing about leather, someone joked that I should make a leather fanny pack. Eventually just for the laugh, I did.
Shockingly it turned out to be a big hit this past weekend.

-Marie-Louise fanny pack
Folu from folu-akinkuotu


Laura Gerencser said...

I don't quite think I can reconcile myself to fanny packs!:)

♥Lola said...

Adore the blue necklace, it's really pretty :)

k.a.laberge said...

umm i could use one of those!

k.a.laberge said...
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Anonymous said...

Where and how much?