Sunday, February 21, 2010


The small details make a simple piece memorable. The lace detailing on this blouse, the pin stripes on the sneakers and the leather jackets wrist zippers make each of these pieces unique. 
Its like people, there are some things about them that make them who they are and differentiate them from others. 
-bdg jeans, petticoat tank top, h&m shirt, pendant, canvas sneakers, fishbone leather jacket


Romany said...

Absolutely it's the little things that count. These are gorgeous photos, very pretty setting - what city is this?
I love your jacket, I'm on the hunt for a good quality but affordable leather jacket.

Eli said...

your background is way more amazing than mine!!
thanks for leaving a comment :)

Rachel said...

beautiful pictures!!
thanks for stopping by my blog

The Sound of Lace said...

lookin good, love the backdrop too!

thanks for your sweet comments! come back soon!

Montse F. said...

beautiful photos and great place. You look great!

prashant said...

your background is way more amazing than mine!!
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