Saturday, January 9, 2010

Layer Cake

Layers might seemingly make things more complicated but its just the opposite. Instead your ready for any situation- as for me I had a nice afternoon exploring Newbury St. in Boston. H&M saved me from my ever growing disappointment in affordable clothing.

Special thanks to for my fourth feature! Click here to see.
-Missimo dress+ blk sweater, BCBG studded belt, By Corpus knit sweater, Marie-Louise scarf and bag, Chelsea boots


Dylana said...

Gorgeous layering! That cardigan is wonderful!

Kitsch said...

Wonderful outfit. Gorgeous cardigan.
Love your blog.

Have a great day.

rosalita fashionista said...

love the layers. and I die for your belt and boots- so fabulous!

Ela said...

Absolutely love these looks!
I adore that scarf!!!

Cycy said...

Loving this post in general, and the black dress specifically.

MannequinMe said...

LOVE: the scarf, the sweater, and the boots! You are tres cool and chic, miss!