Saturday, October 31, 2009


We're still children. I promised myself that I would never give up on matter how old.
Its like each morning. What character are we going to be today? What version of ourselves are we going to extract?
But Halloween we can transform into something completely different.
Bowls of candy
spiders and cob webs
ghosts and monsters
Lets bring our skeletons out of the closet.
-AA leotard, f21 leggings, Jacob sweater
-On Tori (my side kick) DIY lacost snow boots, f21 pants and vest, frenchi sweater

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Staples and Uniforms

This weather is confusing me. warm/cold- it cant make up its mind.
Ive developed my own uniform look by now..Either a high waisted skirt or an androgynous look. I love falling into these uniform looks for a while- completely reliable and no thinking involved... I love the feeling of completely living in my clothes and wearing them out.
Lots of new pieces to show you soon but as of right floors covered in snippets and threads, my sewing machine and over locker have overtaken my desk and my dress form keeps me company at odd hours of the night.
-h&m skirt, bakers shoes, missoni top, uo studded belt/bracelet

Saturday, October 24, 2009

And the lights turn on when im falling asleep

Hello blog world- I have not fallen off the face of the earth..just been caved in my dorm room under heaps of book work and sewing projects.
There are so many new things to discover about the time when you are usually sleeping. After around 11 pm the radio commercials are only about rehab centers and turning in old gold for money.
The ability to spell becomes completely lost. Spell check is mandatory.
The world outside actually doesn't get quite.. has been wonderful- doing two features on moi!
Check them out here and here.
-C.Mazza scarf, urban headband, bdg skinnies, gina tricot stripped shirt, topshop blazer, bakers shoes

Monday, October 19, 2009

Color Blind

Things are getting chilly and the number of layers Im wearing keeps getting higher. Why wasnt there a real summer to make this cold weather seem a little more justifiable??
So how can we bundle our chic little selves up?
Check out Missoni here.
Or PHI here.
Rodarte, definitely a favorite here.
Jonathan Saunders here and here.
-Gina Tricot oversized sweater, h&m bodycon dress+ pendant, bakers shoes

Friday, October 16, 2009

Layers of Rain Clouds

Ive been pouring through lots editorials, photography books and the teen vogue handbook lately..
stumbled upon this wonderful quote:
"Dont wait until you think you have some genius idea before presenting yourself to the fashion world- show them as you go."
-Justin Giunta
He started by selling chandeliers and T-shirts and now his jewelry is taking a life of their own.
-vila shorts, topshop blazer, h&m tights, necklace and scarf, bakers shoes, oldnavy sweater, Petticoat Ally single pleat tank

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Remember the Dior Cherie adverts? Granted she's a bit more graceful hovering over Pairs..
Went thrift shopping recently-they had EVERYTHING color coded. All the blues together, all the greens together, all the reds together and you get the point..but each color was a gradation of the color..light blues to dark blues. I cant decide if someone was really anal, bored or just wonderful..
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
-thrifted Amanda Smith pink blazer, Banana Republic necklace,AA tank, bdg skinnes

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Window Display

Blue Gathered Top and Brown 2 Pocket Skirt
Exciting Exciting! Walking past the Queen of Hearts the other day and I realized- My pieces are in the window!

You can check out the top on their blog here.

You can check out the rest of my pieces in the store here.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Silver Lining

What is your earliest fashion memory?
I dressed myself. Let me tell you, it was the sailor dresses with crafty necklaces or the stripes with polka dots. But I really started sketching "fashion" during middle school. My best friend and I came up with this "line" called Avant Garde and we specialized in making new things from old. We gathered our old clothes, other peoples old clothes and our mothers neglected things. We used sharpies for designs and I cant forget this skirt we made by shredding the legs of a pair of capris. She was the lucky model to debut a sharpie design tube top with a shredded plaid skirt. Classic.
h&m vest, heritage blouse, f21 skirt and bracelet, bakers shoes

Sunday, October 4, 2009

And The Clock Ticks

When life gets so busy..I feel like a rodent running on a wheel but Im working on a new dress. Hopefully ill wrap it up by next weekend.
Manic times like these I get inspired by simplicity. Winter 09/10 lines from Bottega Veneta, Antonio Marras and especially Missoni are wonderfully clean cut and refreshing. There is this sense of calm confidence which is relaxing.
Im updating my blog roll again- leave me your link if you'd like to swap!
-Marie-Louise Jacket, f21 cuff, target shirt, bdg jeans, bakers shoes