Friday, August 28, 2009

Shear Excitement

Snip Snip- and off with the hair!
Today was one of those days where you just throw some of your staples on and head out the door. Not to much thinking (especially not thinking about blogging) - and these are the days that work best for me. The less Ive planned an outfit the more I usually enjoy it. Maybe its looking like I didnt try to hard..because in fact I didnt try at all.
During my last day in Denmark, I was in line at the grocery store and a lady behind me asks where I found my bag. We talked about how I found it at an open air market but then she told me how she actually had the same exact bag- from 40 years ago! I found it so charming to know more about this little find of gives it a bit more character.
-h&m skirt and jacket, topshop shoes, f21 top, vintage purse

Monday, August 24, 2009

In No Time at All

This past weekend I got together with a couple lovely sewing fanatics for one last round of sewing before heading back home. I was able to make a couple pieces- this skirt and a top that Ill post soon. My goal was actually the top but I had enough extra material to whip up this skirt last minute- ever realize how skirts make life so simple? Comfy, practical and yet you arent in sweats. Genius.
There are so many things Ill miss about being here- but especially the fashion freedom.
Farvel Danmark!
Ill post in a couple days when Im back and nicely settled on the other side of the ocean.
-skirt: yours truly, f21 top, h&m pendant necklace, aldo lace up heels

Friday, August 21, 2009

Enter the Dinner Dress

This editorial has me inspired hands down. There is such simplicity in the complicity of it all. Patterned tights, statement dresses, copious amounts of jewelry, messy hair and light make up- I love the concept. And Im enjoying the fact that Freja Beha is danish.
pictures from UK Vogue September 09- online:

Monday, August 17, 2009

London Lust

Its official, Ive fallen in love with London. The places are stunning and the fashion is even more so. Between the open markets and hidden vintage shops, there is a charm that just brews creativity. Just check out these two puppeteers who were "performing" to some rock music.
This was the ideal weekend getaway but its back to reality in Copenhagen for my last week- which means finishing things up and enjoying every last minute.

-BCBG studded belt, zara sweater, target dress, diy boots, vintage bag

Friday, August 14, 2009

She Wolf

I have this theory that the less new clothes I have the more creative I get. Im at the point where I really shouldnt buy anything new because the well being of my back is on the line when it comes time to pack up all my stuff in a couple weeks and head back home. Its already incredibly heavy.. But back to my theory. When you buy a new piece the item does the talking..after all thats why you bought it right? you feel like it says or does something important singularly. But after a while its individualism wears off, it becomes just another item in your collection and it becomes something that you work with or incorporate. Ive reached that point and now its time to really play around with things. Sounds like a fast food order.."Ill have the DIY skirt with a crisp white blouse and a side order of leather and polka dots.."
ok Im done being crazy!
Its off to London for the weekend!
-Topshop woven leather shoes, DIY skirt, express blouse, h&m vest, f21 polka dot belt (click to enlarge to see the details!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Make it a Double

and the next day..

Whether you admit it or not, we all recreate a previous look or even wear the same thing two days in a row once in a while. The first set of pictures are from earlier this week when it was colder and the second set are from the next and muggy. It turned out to be the perfect idea for one of those post on how to wear the same thing different ways. And a bonus? you get to see my favorite spot in the morning and evening!
Check out Fourteen Fashion Statements for a review about my blog by the lovely Julia who portrays her personal style through images she finds instead of actually doing outfit posts.
Also, Im the winner of the Wildfox Coutur Tshirt contest on Nic's blog She's Dressing Up!
Cant wait to try it out.
1. zara dress, oldnavy beater, h&m jean jacket and clip, bakers sandals
2. zara dress, AE beater, Top Shop white mens wear shoes

Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Fire

Finally spent two consecutive days by the beach- now we're talking summer!
Ive always had a thing for messy hair because its a nice balance to an "outfit." I think its too much when everything seems so calculated...we're humans, not math problems after all. This h&m studded clip has become the perfect hold all and its bound to become one of my staples. My list of staple items this summer has become quite intense..maybe Ill do a post about it at the end of summer...
-h&m vest and clip, bakers sandals, target dress

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kiss with a Fist

Back to a bit of suburbia but Im determined not to let it cramp my style. Its really too bad you cant see but I actually dared to wear red lip color! Maybe if you click to enlarge the photo...
It is amazing how a couple new pieces in your wardrobe can make everything thing you already have makes so much more sense. The two new skirts, leather vest and jean jacket have literally transformed things. Mix and Match baby, Mix and Match.
Summer feels fleeting- so Im going to try and make the best of each moment left.
-DIY fringe top, BCBG studded belt, h&m skirt, aldo lace up heels

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inner Demons // Feature

So many things to say! First of all, I am blown away by all your amazing responses to the dress that I designed. Its so wonderful and encouraging to have such a positive feedback.
Secondly, Style Sample Mag has been wonderful enough to include me in their august/september issue! check it out here (page 20)! Its an online fashion bloggers dream- articles with tips, hot topics and interviews with real bloggers!
AAAnd third, a huge thank you to Fell4Fashion for giving me this kreativ blogger award!
As part of this award I need to list seven facts about myself- so here goes!
1. I love making new things out of old things- ones mans garbage is another mans treasure!
2. I have this big dream to design
3. I eat something sweet every single day- lifes too short not to be sweet
4. Ive run to Angles and Airwaves for the past four years
5. I have this crazy idea that life should always be getting better- not that each day is better than the previous but on a whole you are coming closer to happiness and satisfaction. I believe this because I believe its in my hands to achieve those things. Life is good and with time we come to understand and feel this stronger and stronger.
6. I love painting my nails but I find them very distracting.
7. I find a natural look so much more beautiful than a look which is really put together.
-h&m vest and skirt, f21 plaid dress, George Jensen daisy collection bracelet

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ice Cubes

I promised to show you the dress I made a few weekends ago and here it is- finally! It took me two days from start to finish- but most of the time was spent working on the middle section. Its constructed with horizontal pleats and there are three sections to make. The dress was a success in my book because it came out exactly as I had sketched and designed it. There is nothing more gratifying than bringing something to life exactly the way you had envisioned it. Its wonderfully lightweight and comfortable so there wont be any suffering from the summer heat. What do you all think?
-dress by yours truly, h&m wedges