Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Comfort Meets Roman

Sun! I was so happy that it was this sunny today- I cant wait for summer and for school stresses to be over! With all I had to do the past two days I was again going for comfort- so I grabbed my room mates boyfriends 3XL under tee and ran with it this morning. I think three other people could have fit in! I racked up quite a few comments today from "oh thats so cute" to my psychology professor telling me that I looked like a Roman! Roman, Greek, Spanish..whatever the inspiration may be I enjoyed it :)
-MW undertee, urban studded belt, target tights, Steve madden moccasins, black pendant necklace that my brother made me

Monday, March 30, 2009

Step Dance

The art of making your legs appear longer than what they really are. High heels and the right angle seem to do the trick for my shorter 5'5 frame. I'm training myself to wear heels more often. I wore them out to dinner but my goal is to wear heels all day (yes including class..but clearly excluding my workouts..) before Easter break. Wearing heels do not only have to be saved for those special occasions or for weekend nights- if you find the right pair- they can be comfortable enough to wear anytime. Its up to your outfit to dress it up or dress it down. I opted for the casual look with the heels. These are from H&M- unbelievable comfortable!
-H&M wedges, Urban drainpipes, Areo tank, Zara Blazer, Fishbone leather jacket, Urban scarf, Marc by Marc Jacob leather bag

Friday, March 27, 2009

This Beautiful Life

Alright maybe you cant tell from the picture but I PROMISE today was one of the most beautiful days this year so far. It was warm, sunny and I swear there was happiness just floating in the air. I got off campus and did some investigating. I checked out Queen of Hearts downtown and I think I will try and get a couple of my pieces in there (only after I have properly documented them and taken a few pictures :)) I also made a dutiful trip to Urban- which I honestly can say I could spend way to much money there right now. I also went by American Apparel. It was my first trip there- so I wanted to see if it was all that I had made it out to be. They are definitely a place to go for those comfortable basics.
So my next task- ill try and get some better pictures for putting up on here- Ive been so focused on making good prints for my black and white class that Ive had not time to play around with this digital.
This weekend should be fun- more pictures to come.

-Urban drainpipes, Topshop sneakers, gap tank, old navy sweater, vintage pin/clasp

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Straight Lines

Found the gallery a nice little escape from the photo lab today. The geometric art work and my shoes were on the same page. I love the men's look, inspired by many of fashion weeks pictures, with a nice pair of heels to clasp the outfit together. Its a perfect excuse to borrow the boyfriends really comfortable button down (or just to buy one to pretend!) but still have a pulled together look. A blazer would have looked nice over this as well. You can find a lot of men's wear inspired outfits at stylesightings.com.

-Heritage button down
-vintage earings
-F21 gray wash skinny jeans
-H&M wedges

Monday, March 23, 2009

Clad Black

Today was one of those days where its incredibly cold but everything I had to do involved walking outside- including a nice long walk to the bookstore..which turned out to be closed because of a funeral. Best wishes though I guess..despite my almost frost bitten limbs.
I had a lot of studying to do .. I pulled an all time record yesterday pulling in 8 hours at the library..so comfort was an essential. This dress was comfortable but not to comfortable that I would chance falling asleep in the lib.
I always get really creative when I have not time to do make my ideas..
- beige leather bag
-cut-out sweater
Keep warm :)
-Fishbone leather jacket
-H&M black sweater dress
-scarf #1: Urban Outfitters, scarf #2: my mother knitted it for my birthday!
-target tights
-Steve Madden moccasins
-F21 bangles

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring!

First day of spring -bring out the floral print! Its finally that time to pull out all the floral feminine dresses, blouses and skirts from the back of our closets- give our closet a new face. Adding in a blazer or a leather jacket will keep that edge while still being able to celebrate the new season.
Although you cant see them here, I was sporting these beautiful vintage triangle earings- a find from my mom's 80's collection.
In our search for photo supplies we came across this blue wall which turned out to be a perfect backdrop.
- Zara black blazer
-F21 floral t-shirt blouse
-vintage leather purse
-Urban drain pipe jeans
-Blue Top Shop Moto sneakers (yeah they're a favorite!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Checker Me Blue

50 degrees means breaking out the lighter clothing- or at least we can pretend that it is appropriate. It should always be summer, so in anticipation I was happy to layer a grey sweater and my black Fishbone leather jacket on top (but I braved the breeze for the pictures). I'd love to pull off my shoes, roll up my pants and walk along Newport beach this afternoon, but sadly I'm off to the library..

-F21 sleeveless blouse
-F21 grey wash skinny jeans
-Top Shop Moto sneakers

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Handbag Department

I discovered I can easily be sucked into something and within a span of less than ten minutes decide that it is something I NEED..not even just that I want it. I spent a nice Saturday night exploring some shops around home with my friend. We ended up at TJmaxx- sometimes you'll find something amazing there but you have to really look. Kathy Van Zeeland handbags. They were just beautiful! Take a look at this , and this! I love the colors mixed with the metal studs.
Even though I decided I needed a Kathy Van Zeeland bag Ill hold off. First Im getting my use out of my lime green marc by marc jacob handbag- which you will see soon enough up here.

-F21 blouse
-Urban Outfitter BDG skinny jeans
-Top Shop Moto sneakers

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vintage Acquisition

Starting off on the right foot always helps. This weekend started with exploring this new vintage skirt. It gave me that classy academic feeling that makes me want to sit down to the books and learn.. Except 1) wrong time during the week to feel like that and 2) I wore it to family dinner instead.
You'll have to be forgiving while I get used to being on the opposite side of the camera. I'm always on the taking side, rather than the being taken side. Which reminds me, I've promised a few people I would get some of my photography work up.
And a small fore warning, I'm going a little plaid/checker crazy so you are going to see some more soon.

-NY&Co. blouse
-Vintage Skirt
-Target tights
-F21 Mimi Cage Heels