Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Were the Kings and Queens of Promise

Found a little vintage treasure roaming around SoHo on Saturday. I needed a little something to bring my outfit from day to night- and this was perfect! I don't like purses, bags or anything related to a girl-lugging-container-full of uselessness.. so this was perfect because it slings across and I can forget about it.
The wonderful thing was that the shop was a non profit organization and all the money that they make goes straight towards helping the homeless get back into the workforce.
The items were all donated from private people or even designers themselves.
So many treasures to find.
-Cul-de-sac vintage purse


WildFlower said...

Hey Darlin'! Thats a gorgeous purse, just noticed now it has a wavey opening. I love the metallic colour! What an awesome shop, I'd be shopping there all the time. Your blog page looks good have you changed it?

Dylana said...

Beautiful purse! Love that you got it from a non profit organization!