Sunday, December 13, 2009

Animal Instincts

Exams Exams Exams..
Found these images from a while back..
It got me thinking about how wonderful it is to go through such intense fashion phases. This past summer and fall high waisted skirts were my go-to item. Its been so long since Ive worn one but its satisfying to have a drawer full of well used skirts.
Before starting the pieces for Queen of Hearts I made this yellow test piece out of some vintage curtain cloth- it has a lovely ribbed texture.
Hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. Stay warm!
-fishbone leather jacket, f21 chain necklace, Marie-Louise skirt, bakers shoes


Folu said...

I love ignoring what season colors are "supposed" to be for and wearing bright colors in the winter.

Christen said...

Leopard-print and leather - it doesn't get much chicer than that!

Dylana said...

Your jacket is perfect!

Katie Tomlinson said...

That skirt looks great on you! What a nice color

WildFlower said...

Hey wow you got your pics bigger, they looks awesome, now we can see your gorgeous beauty in big scale! You look so cool in this outfit. The leopard looks amazing with yellow, I wouldn't have thought of that but I will remember it now! Hot chain necklace too! Just bought one similar off Etsy. Happy Holidays x