Friday, November 20, 2009

Untrust Us

There are things
we read each day
to remind us of our missions
the world needs interesting
don't you think?
Plastered on my dresser
So not to forget
being an individual is the best thing
for you
for me
for this world we are in
These motto's are our collections
"Don't wait until you think you have some genius idea
before presenting yourself to the fashion world-
show them as you go."
all reality takes
is the doing
we are in the now and the now is what we dreamt.
Working on my first commissioned piece- similar to this.
Show tomorrow at 7:30pm.
Have a lovely Friday bloggeries!
-uo t, h&m leggings, Breckelle's boots, by corpus sweater


Dylana said...

Your sweater is fabulous! I love chunky knits!

Cycy said...

I too, am a fan of chunky knits. Especially here in England where it's not really cold, don't see why I should wear a jacket. Love the poem, too.