Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Massive Black Hole

Here's a sneak preview from the outside shoot today where we rocked out to Muse..the inside shoot was an incredible mix of rocker-e.wasson-leather-banjo-grunge-candid

Today was photo shoot day for my final project. Scored my favorite model, amazing weather and creative vibes. Oh, and good music!
From morning until night we were doing hair/makeup/outfit changes/location changes...
So much fun.
This weekend has been one of those productive but reviving moments that are essential for your mental health.
Spent Friday snatching up some new boots,
spent Saturday catching up on my favorite show and doing lots of DIY projects
and Sunday photo shooting with my side kick and doing a fitting for this Saturdays fashion show at my school.
I could live very happily if life only consisted of good people, photography/shoots, designing and prepping for shows...
Hope you've had a lovely weekend filled with mental-detox activities :)
-tori: Marie-Louise turquoise studded bracelet, vintage orange jacket, clover necklace and pink flower t, Burke's granny heels, f21 gold chain necklace, nordstrom blue dress and random tights
-Me: DIY studded clutch, Splendid cardigan, Chelsea Bootes, Delia's socks, h&m leggings and pendant, f21 dress


Folu said...

I actually just got off the phone with Tori and she told me about this photoshoot, and then you posted it. Its like you read my mind. Love it all, love the grunge, wish I could've been there for the pics/epic shoe shopping.


Dylana said...

This looks so great!

Anonymous said...

Where and when is your next fashion show?

Elaine said...

That's soooo cool!!!! I can't wait to see your finished pics!! I'm loving your boots too!

bloo. said...

you look awesome :)


Becca. said...

adore your outfits!
you look amazing!
love your blog, i just found it and i really like it!
would you like to link swap?

MJ said...

Love Tori's hair! And your little socks and boots combo. Amazing all over.

Anonymous said...

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