Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Building the Beat

This was another of my DIY projects- I chopped this dress into a skirt and added lovely little studs along the pockets. (to see them-click to enlarge..)
Honestly before deciding you need to go shopping- check out your closet. Throw everything on the floor and dig through. You'll find things you forgot you loved, you'll find things that need a break and you'll find things that have a second life in them- all they need is a few changes.
Just finished up shooting an video interview for Saturdays show.
A few of you asked- its going to be at PC in 64 Hall- 7:30pm.
Hip-Hop lovers- this will be your haven.
-DIY studded skirt, Chelsea boots


Becca. said...

love love your diy projects!
the dress turned into the skirt is a great idea
and you look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Nice skirt :-)