Monday, November 30, 2009

Rainbows and Sunsets

Grabbed an early morning train to NYC and had a whirlwind weekend adventure. We did so many exciting things and had dream like experiences but Ill spare you the details. It'll suffice to say we had unreal grand finale.
But I cant skip out on commenting on the fashion. Stumbled around Soho only to find myself in LF. Completely feel in love with anything and everything in that store. The most exciting thing was that Karen from Where Did U Get That always has such unique pieces from there and I can now say I know where she's referring to.
Brooklyn had remarkable vintage and second hand shops. Junk was a fun dropby..some treasures could be found if you have the energy to dig. Buffalo Exchange showed some real potential for the bargain hunters but Malin Landaeus snaged the gold with her remarkable vintage shop on 155 N. 6th @ Bedford Ave. She travels Scandinavia accumulating vintage pieces and brings them back for us to enjoy. If you need boots and haven't tackled that item on your list yet- cancel all other plans and get your boots there.
Found a little treasure for myself- Ill show you soon!
-Chelsea boots, target tights and t-shirt, h&m body con dress, fishbone jacket, vintage purse

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fashion Show @ PC: In Motion


Here we go! Some images and quick video clip from the show @ PC this past Saturday.
The models really had a wide range of styles to model but they really stepped it up, got serious and gave their best runway walks for my segment!
Big thanks to everyone- it was a wonderful night!

Some exciting news- 3 pieces sold! this, this and custom made this.
Making killer plans for this weekends escapade to NYC!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photos from AS220 Nov 7 Fashion Show

Here are some images courtesy of the demarkophotographicgroup of the November fashion show.
A huge thank you to each of the models Audrey, Julia, Zeynep, Beverly and Natalie! You ladies were wonderful to work with.
Looks 1, 3, 4, 5, 8 are available at Queen of Hearts.
Post to come about last nights Fashion Show at PC!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Untrust Us

There are things
we read each day
to remind us of our missions
the world needs interesting
don't you think?
Plastered on my dresser
So not to forget
being an individual is the best thing
for you
for me
for this world we are in
These motto's are our collections
"Don't wait until you think you have some genius idea
before presenting yourself to the fashion world-
show them as you go."
all reality takes
is the doing
we are in the now and the now is what we dreamt.
Working on my first commissioned piece- similar to this.
Show tomorrow at 7:30pm.
Have a lovely Friday bloggeries!
-uo t, h&m leggings, Breckelle's boots, by corpus sweater

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Building the Beat

This was another of my DIY projects- I chopped this dress into a skirt and added lovely little studs along the pockets. (to see them-click to enlarge..)
Honestly before deciding you need to go shopping- check out your closet. Throw everything on the floor and dig through. You'll find things you forgot you loved, you'll find things that need a break and you'll find things that have a second life in them- all they need is a few changes.
Just finished up shooting an video interview for Saturdays show.
A few of you asked- its going to be at PC in 64 Hall- 7:30pm.
Hip-Hop lovers- this will be your haven.
-DIY studded skirt, Chelsea boots

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Twist of a Smile

Taking a quick break from studying to show you a few treasures hidden up my sleeves..
The leather bracelets I made a while ago for the the fashion show - took some leather swatches and studded away. I remember breaking a few nails along the way but completely worth it no? They are a nice change from the classic studded/leather idea.
The last two are little trinkets from my mini DIY projects from Saturday.
Ill post the DIY clothing projects as I wear them :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Massive Black Hole

Here's a sneak preview from the outside shoot today where we rocked out to Muse..the inside shoot was an incredible mix of rocker-e.wasson-leather-banjo-grunge-candid

Today was photo shoot day for my final project. Scored my favorite model, amazing weather and creative vibes. Oh, and good music!
From morning until night we were doing hair/makeup/outfit changes/location changes...
So much fun.
This weekend has been one of those productive but reviving moments that are essential for your mental health.
Spent Friday snatching up some new boots,
spent Saturday catching up on my favorite show and doing lots of DIY projects
and Sunday photo shooting with my side kick and doing a fitting for this Saturdays fashion show at my school.
I could live very happily if life only consisted of good people, photography/shoots, designing and prepping for shows...
Hope you've had a lovely weekend filled with mental-detox activities :)
-tori: Marie-Louise turquoise studded bracelet, vintage orange jacket, clover necklace and pink flower t, Burke's granny heels, f21 gold chain necklace, nordstrom blue dress and random tights
-Me: DIY studded clutch, Splendid cardigan, Chelsea Bootes, Delia's socks, h&m leggings and pendant, f21 dress

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New November

The Saturday fashion show at AS22o was incredible and completely validating. It was amazing to work with the different designers and models- such wonderful people. It was such an adrenaline rush during my segment but it all ran smoothly! Thanks to everyone who helped, those who were there supporting me, to those who were supporting me from far away and everyone who gave me such a positive response.
Pictures and video clips from the show to come!
Here are the new pieces in my collection that were incorporated with my older pieces for the show.
They will be available at Queen of Hearts towards the end of November. Click here to see the other pieces available.
Brown Plaid Lined Jacket
Shiny Cropped Jacket with High Shoulders

Jacket Dress with Blue Panel
Grunge Leather Pocket Dress
Brown Strong Shoulder Dress
-BCBG studded belt, BDG jeans, truely madly deeply white t