Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crayola Colors

Things this fall have been so spontaneous and unexpected but with all this excitement has been working to keep me going! Bright colors should theoretically do the same thing right?
Funny how things can fit, get small and then fit perfectly- My grandmother knit this sweater when I was 3. Love going through old things, finding neglected treasures and pieces that are crying for some reinvention. Whats hidden in you keepsakes?
-f21 tank, skirt, topshop ring and shoes, gina tricot ring


Damsels said...

i love the hem of your skirt .. how it look unfinished like a tulle tutu,,, very pretty ..and the top is sucha great color that makes you stand out .

Miss Chic said...

Hi! Do you have any email to write you? You cand reply me in my blog :) . Kiss!

Raez said...

wow, so cute! i lvoe that colour red on you!

xx raez

Dylana said...

Your sweater is so cute! Love the color and knitted pattern!

Fashion Pix said...

Beautiful sweater!! I love the color and I love how you wear it with that grey skirt.

rosalita fashionista said...

love the chunky knit, great color combo

Patty Ann said...

i loveeeee this outfit
short skirts are the best
i have the same skirt from f21 too!!!
your legs are sooooooooo
soooooooo long
ahhh pretty

MJ said...

You look absolutely gorgeous here. The colour clash is great!

vitaMinn style said...

what a fun color combination!

Bella said...

Aaahhh, so smitten over this outfit. It's perfect! xxx

yiqin; said...

Ah stripes, red, the skirt. So well put together!

Christen said...

Love the colors and ADORE that skirt! I have been looking for one just like that everywhere and I just can't find it.

WildFlower said...

Hey your pictures look great! You obviously figured out how to make them bigger in the end? I use photobucket.
Your skirts are looking fantastic! I've really been noticing fuller short feminine and chic. Thats so precious you have this sweater from your grandmother after all those years...great colour! random but the other day i found these socks (yes socks of all things!) and realised i have had them for over 10 years!?? Crazy...they must be knitted with friggin fishing twine or something.

WildFlower said...

Oh forgot to say...big congrats on having your clothes in the boutique!!! Exciting....goood luck with sales x

Anika said...

I love the hem of your skirt and the unexpected pop of colour your cardigan provides. What a perfect outfit.

Love it so :)

Have a great one

M. and O. said...

Thank you for your comment :)
U look very nice !
I love this outfit
love. Olivia.A


ariel said...

I love the top picture! So pretty :)