Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hidden Places

Lets make skirts with rose hems.
Or jackets with draping collars.
Lets wear summer dresses with winter hats.
And look like grey skies or neon paints.
Lets be hobo's at balls and queens for breakfast.
But lets always make this fun.
-topshop blazer/shoes, aa tank, h&m skirt/necklace, random bracelet

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Space Between

This glimpse at colder weather is bittersweet but it will be exciting to do some crazy layering soon. So many things to look forward to in the fall.. Ive got good vibrations in my bones.
And to justify my obsession with this jacket -
"I have never believed in the philosophy of the outfit. I have always believed in one beautiful piece and then you build around it with, lets say, something second hand." -Stella McCarthy
-topshop pants, h&m jacket, uo scarf, target tank, baker shoes

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crayola Colors

Things this fall have been so spontaneous and unexpected but with all this excitement has been working to keep me going! Bright colors should theoretically do the same thing right?
Funny how things can fit, get small and then fit perfectly- My grandmother knit this sweater when I was 3. Love going through old things, finding neglected treasures and pieces that are crying for some reinvention. Whats hidden in you keepsakes?
-f21 tank, skirt, topshop ring and shoes, gina tricot ring

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hunted

Ill give you a little break from my beloved jean jacket. Welcome jacket obsession number two. I finally found a blazer without shoulder pads-a god sent item. Annd its coupled with some lovely memories of exploring London. Im seeing major layering potential here.
Life has this wonderful beat to it doesnt it?
Thank you for all the wonderful comments about my "line" at Queen of Hearts!
-topshop blazer, f21 dress, urban studded belt, h&m heels, gina tricot rings

Friday, September 18, 2009

Queen Of Hearts

Exciting Announcement!!

The store Queen of Hearts in downtown Providence will now have 8 of my pieces! They are a clothing and design boutique that sells handmade one of a kind pieces. You can check out their website here or their blog here.

Here are some pictures of what Ill be having in the store!

Single Button Skirt

Pink Ruffled Top

Blue Gathered Tank

Brown 2 Pocket Skirt

Pinched Red Skirt

Grey Silver Button Skirt

Pleated Floral Dress

High Shoulder Zip Jacket

Hope you enjoy my designs. My heads already spinning with new ideas. If you like what you see you can check these out- the stores located on 186 Union Street.
-AA leotard, tank, UO skinnies, H&M wedges

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Short Story

I cant skirt around the addicted to skirts! Its become my uniform.
With all the sewing Ive been up to lately, Ive had a lot of time to think.-And create my own theories...Its my specialty. Latest theory? You have to start your goals, desires and dreams NOW. There is no time like the present. I know countless people say this but it takes realizing it yourself to put it to any good use. If you keep saying your going to start something tomorrow, or you want to do something but a bit later, no wonder we're always disapointing ourselves. So if there are things you want to do, things you want to change, start RIGHT NOW. not tomorrow or next week, but NOW. Thats what Ive been up to..doing my dreams in the present.
And a side note- it helps to do all this starting in the mornings. Theres something about having the whole day ahead of you.
Here's to all your awaiting dreams.
-f21 skirt, bakers shoes, h&m pendant, target tank

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Show Me Your Moves

Things get so crazy when school starts up again..that week of regaining the whole intellectual footing isnt always easy. Plus Ive got lots of exciting things happening on the side so Im planning on not sleeping for the next week.
So maybe its the fact that I feel like a dancer, have a huge amount of draping fabric resembling a tutu or can morph it to fit numerous occasions..but whatever it is Im really enjoying this dress. And tonight I even wore it for a salsa lesson..I swear any said occasion and it can work.
Been sewing up a storm in my dorm..when it clears, itll be time for show and tell!
-target dress, f21 bangles, h&m jacket, topshop shoes

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Standing Tall

Ladies and Gentlemen- I present to you my pride and joy!! Out of everything I have ever sewn , this is the piece Im most proud of to date. It was such a thrilling process to sketch my idea, take the time to find the right material, sew it and have it come out EXACTLY how I had planned. Aaand if I may say so- it brings a smile to my face each time I put it on.
What do you think??
Im going through this process of discovering that I actually have a certain style in the things I design and make. Each piece has an element of simplicity yet it still has something to make it unique. It stems from my eternal problem of finding basics that still entice me. Shopping for basics is something I need to do deliberately because those things dont naturally draw me in -so in order to satisfy my lack of basics- I design.
-jacket by me!, h&m tank dress, bakers sandals

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From a Time Before

Where this 80's vibe came from- I have no idea. All I know is that I was itching for comfort and big earrings. Now that my hairs shorter BIG earrings seem so much more interesting. I go through fazes..and right now its skirts and jewelry: cuffs, rings, necklaces, earrings...
What are your obsessions right now??
-gina tricot stripped top, h&m skirt/tights, aldo earrings, converse