Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inner Demons // Feature

So many things to say! First of all, I am blown away by all your amazing responses to the dress that I designed. Its so wonderful and encouraging to have such a positive feedback.
Secondly, Style Sample Mag has been wonderful enough to include me in their august/september issue! check it out here (page 20)! Its an online fashion bloggers dream- articles with tips, hot topics and interviews with real bloggers!
AAAnd third, a huge thank you to Fell4Fashion for giving me this kreativ blogger award!
As part of this award I need to list seven facts about myself- so here goes!
1. I love making new things out of old things- ones mans garbage is another mans treasure!
2. I have this big dream to design
3. I eat something sweet every single day- lifes too short not to be sweet
4. Ive run to Angles and Airwaves for the past four years
5. I have this crazy idea that life should always be getting better- not that each day is better than the previous but on a whole you are coming closer to happiness and satisfaction. I believe this because I believe its in my hands to achieve those things. Life is good and with time we come to understand and feel this stronger and stronger.
6. I love painting my nails but I find them very distracting.
7. I find a natural look so much more beautiful than a look which is really put together.
-h&m vest and skirt, f21 plaid dress, George Jensen daisy collection bracelet


KATIA said...

Cute photos! I love your skirt :)

Laura Gerencser said...

Great photos! And I love your list!:)

Delectable Swank said...

I absolutely love your pictures, especially the last one! I haven't tried to get 'action' shots of myself yet, LOL. I also agree with you on the eating something sweet every day, I do love my dark chocolate! PS- that skirt is fab!

Melissa~ said...

I love the last photo!
Your outfit looks so great.

Hadley said...

i think you're achieving your big dream! when your dresse hit the market, let me know because that last one was GORGEOUS.

and i'm a fan of your skirt in this post.

Chelsea Rae said...

Congrats on all the features, and the dress you created is truly amazing— especially the pleats on the waistband.

Your skirt is amazing. I'm really starting to love cream colored clothing (excuse the alliteration).

yiqin; said...

I love the skirt + vest. Goes so well together.

Ela said...

Is that my favourite skirt of yours? I love it!

Love this list. LOL on the garbage/treasure - thrifting is so much fun! And so with you on 7. something about the look being askew adds to the appeal.

And thank you for 'bonding' and your sweet, kind words. I hate that a stranger can bring your insecurities to the surface but it's up to me to let it just wash away. So glad your best friend accepted her beauty.

Hope you're having a fab week!

Ela said...

Oh and congrats on the feature! That's awesome :)

dapper kid said...

Congratulations on the feature dear :) I absolutely looove your skirt in that outfit! It's so pretty :) Haha and I definitely try to eat something sweet everyday. Life is for living, not for depriving yourself! Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

Katie Tomlinson said...

Enhorabuena por los premios!! Your style is incredible and I hope you keep following your dream:)

Raez said...

cute outfit, i love the jumping shot!

xx raez

Elaine said...

That is such a great otufit! I love the red top with the vest! And I love sweets too...probably not good for me but it's too delicious not to resist! And I very much agree about the natural look v. put-together! clothedmuch.blogspot.com

Lily said...

Congrats on getting featured in a magazine! Love your random facts especially the 5th one, you have such a fantastic look on life x

Maverick Malone said...

I'm addicted to sweets, too! I have to eat them every day!!

Love the vest you're wearing, especially with that skirt :)

xox, mavi

Dani said...

i LOVE that dress. i would buy it.

and i totally agree with your #7.


Rosanna said...

great vest