Monday, June 15, 2009


Life can be choppy waters sometimes.
Dying to make DIY ripped jeans but with the rips on the back of the legs.
Obsessed with dried dates and sundried tomatoes.
Letting my hair go wild.
Tried (and liked) turkish food.
Becoming a professional window shopper. Any open positions?
-f21 skinnies, bangles, hat, h&m top, aldo camera shaped ring


Anonymous said...

great ring!

styleburst said...

i love the banglesssssssss
they are so pretty. :)


Angie said...

nice outfit!:)

P.S.Thanks for your comment!

MissN said...

Tnx for your comment!! :D

Love your blog!! Joined you at bloglovin!:D

Damsels said...

lovelovelove the hat
We Were Damsels

Damsels said...

those skinnies fit you so well

Anonymous said...

You can make the jeans with rips in the back, I bet they would look cool! :-)

bisou-joue said...

love your hat and bracelets !
thanks for your comment girl !

Emily said...

I really like the rinse on those jeans. Great blog! =)

Hawa said...

how cute is the camera shaped ring...aaaw

thanks for the comment


Molly Rose said...

good idea for the jeans!!

Hadley said...

that ring is shveeet.
also, your word verification was "worry", and i'm pretty sure it's the first time i've ever seen a real word used. haha. just letting you know.