Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prowling Prague- Im back!

Im back and here to stay! Well at least for a couple months.. Each visit to the czech republic gives a feeling of traveling back in time. With the cobble stone streets and ornate buildings I feel like I should be wearing a course cotton tunic and churning butter..
The people in prague give off this overwhelming sense of practicality in their fashion, except for one thing. Many older women dye their hair partially bright red, checkered red with blonde or bleach blond with a hue of purple. Gotta give it to the czech women..where there is simplicity in their clothing choices they make up with their hair style choices!
I spent a few days in prague and then went down to the south of the country to go on a river trip with a few friends. I have never been so fashion-backward but when your paddling through rapids, camping along the way and conditioner-less..fashion takes the back seat. BUT this only means that Im back with some new ideas :)
Things are falling into place here so Ill be able to post more regularly again.
-f21 ruffled blouse, sweater, h&m jacket, vintage purse, converse hightops, BDG drainpipes


Anonymous said...

Always great pixs

Virgos Lounge said...

looks beautiful there....x

Damsels said...

it sounds lovely .

cobble stones always make me smile .
great outfit for prowling;)

Polina said...

nice photos. the color of that jacket looks great on you, and you can never go wrong with converse.