Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nomadic Chaos

Ate fresh Norwegian smoke salmon. Got a private museum tour at night. Slept in a room with a ghost legend. Read two books. Went online for seven minutes. Drove around Denmark in a Ford Fiesta. Went into a museum archive. Ate the first of the seasons potatoes. Met many new people and saw many familiar faces. Landscaped a front lawn. Slept in a different place each night. Got chased by a ram. Pass feilds of sugar cane. Walked up and down the Danish "chalk cliffs". Reistered. Saw the sunset on a ferry. Got my cell phone. Saw Europe's oldest steam boat. Made a long list of job ideas. Spent 15 minutes on the beach. Ripped my only pair of black tights. Took my nail polish off without nail polish remover. Delivered an Rdo painting to a buyer. Had an amazing dream. Drank chocolate milk out of a can. Lived out of suite case. Still jobless. Got to debut my new favorite item: BCBG studded belt.

*heritage blouse, gap tank, BCBG studded belt, target shorts


Ash Fox said...

that belt is incredible. i so love it.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great lighting
I love the cinched belt look so much :)

x, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Looking good :-)

_nina_malvada_ said...

nice belt...

Damsels said...

great look youhave such a natural beauty
We Were Damsels

Fashion Moment said...

Thank you for your comment!
Great blog!


caroline said...

the cinched belt us lovely, and makes a great contrast to your plain shirt! norwegian salmon is good!

leila grace said...

adorable outfit
great details on the belt
just went through the last few pages
you have such a simple and chic style

leila grace
the vain and the bored.

MyMoonDay said...

you are so stylish!

Tessa said...

cool look!

Ille said...

OMG,i love your style..