Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prowling Prague- Im back!

Im back and here to stay! Well at least for a couple months.. Each visit to the czech republic gives a feeling of traveling back in time. With the cobble stone streets and ornate buildings I feel like I should be wearing a course cotton tunic and churning butter..
The people in prague give off this overwhelming sense of practicality in their fashion, except for one thing. Many older women dye their hair partially bright red, checkered red with blonde or bleach blond with a hue of purple. Gotta give it to the czech women..where there is simplicity in their clothing choices they make up with their hair style choices!
I spent a few days in prague and then went down to the south of the country to go on a river trip with a few friends. I have never been so fashion-backward but when your paddling through rapids, camping along the way and conditioner-less..fashion takes the back seat. BUT this only means that Im back with some new ideas :)
Things are falling into place here so Ill be able to post more regularly again.
-f21 ruffled blouse, sweater, h&m jacket, vintage purse, converse hightops, BDG drainpipes

Monday, June 22, 2009

We are not the Waiting

Denmark is supposed to be this little country where it rains all the time but instead we're having wonderful summer weather while all my friend are at home complaining that the rain just keeps coming. Maybe I brought the sunshine with me :)
Thanks to all my readers in the last post who gave me so much feedback! Wow! Along the same lines, everything in this outfit post you guys have seen before but fashion and style isnt about always having something new to wear. Its about how you put what you do have together.
I might wear the same shirt many times but I never wear it the same exact way twice. Fashion is a form of art and theres no creativity in being a duplicate. So today- Im playing with different hem lines.
Im going to visit one of my friends who lives in Prague but as always Ill have my camera ready and a post to follow up!
Until next time- keep stylinn
-heritage blouse, h&m wedges, urban belt, tracy feith dress

Thursday, June 18, 2009

F-Stop Blues

Ive been seeing a lot comments about when a label copies another designer- lets say when f21 copies something that alexander wang designed. I have to agree that it might seem immoral for them to make copies but stores like f21 are based on taking high end label designs and making them affordable. Of course if we all could we would all go for the alexander wang but something tells me it doesnt work that way.. I think that its common knowledge that their ideas came from somewhere else. Hey, even cheap wallets want to have style right? The trick is to make sure that the cheap wallets dont look cheap.. its a matter of making sure that you do find the quality pieces in the bargains which can take some searching and patience. To be honest- I dont mind having to re-sew my buttons of if the jacket looks great and was affordable. Maybe ill change my opinion when i build my millions? haha
-h&m jacket, scarf, f21 dress, vintage opal broach

Monday, June 15, 2009


Life can be choppy waters sometimes.
Dying to make DIY ripped jeans but with the rips on the back of the legs.
Obsessed with dried dates and sundried tomatoes.
Letting my hair go wild.
Tried (and liked) turkish food.
Becoming a professional window shopper. Any open positions?
-f21 skinnies, bangles, hat, h&m top, aldo camera shaped ring

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Peak of España

A little of what I saw in Barcelona and Valencia. My friend was an amazing tour guide..not like those boring ones who carry a sign over their head so you "stay together"..

Saw my share of Gaudi, Fruterias and vino. I cant tell you how many miles we clocked in walking- but it was worth seeing the local day to day life. They love to meet up with friends at little cafes with outside tables and talk for hours, they love to shop on Avenguda Diagonal and sit on the beach. It all sounds good to me! I still cant get over how big Barcelona actually is..it puts my little Copenhagen to shame.


-f21 top, target shorts, barbados bracelet, urban sunglasses, vintage purse

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bright Side of Life

Im back from Spain -it was a wonderful time! Fruit, exploring, people watching, sun and catching up with my friend. It was the perfect opportunity to use my spanish- its been a while but I havent lost it! I came up with this theory about feeling integrated into a new country and their language. Its not until you have the ability to express your emotions in the language, that you can feel fully engrossed and connected. I think it must be the same for personal style- one has to feel fully comfortable with expressing themselves to have their own individual style. You have to be able to express yourself-
-aldo earrings, f21 top, h&m tights, target belt, h&m wedges

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Thousand Steps

When traveling around its so easy for your wardrobe to fall to pieces but I was determined to put up a fight. But I was also determined to pack light so I brought things to mix and match. Gladiator sandals are surprisingly versatile because they can be dressed up or down and you really can walk forever in them (I did around 2km of stairs at the chalk cliffs with these!).

The start of summer is always a time to recoup and realignment. I have to learn to get rid of my stressed out mode I always seem to be in during the semester. Finally you can consciously think about things- even about small things. Time to find new routines and an ability to be spontaneous. Getting new music always helps to mark the beginning of a new time. Ive come across some interesting new free music on lastfm.com.
Austere- The Joy Formidable
Into the Chaos- Howling Bells
Alice- Pogo
Think of England- IAMX
Wong-Depeche Mode
Discipline- Nine Inch nails
Im off to spain for a week- hope to still post something!
-f21 dress, vintage necklace, baker gladiator sandals, pilgrim earring

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nomadic Chaos

Ate fresh Norwegian smoke salmon. Got a private museum tour at night. Slept in a room with a ghost legend. Read two books. Went online for seven minutes. Drove around Denmark in a Ford Fiesta. Went into a museum archive. Ate the first of the seasons potatoes. Met many new people and saw many familiar faces. Landscaped a front lawn. Slept in a different place each night. Got chased by a ram. Pass feilds of sugar cane. Walked up and down the Danish "chalk cliffs". Reistered. Saw the sunset on a ferry. Got my cell phone. Saw Europe's oldest steam boat. Made a long list of job ideas. Spent 15 minutes on the beach. Ripped my only pair of black tights. Took my nail polish off without nail polish remover. Delivered an Rdo painting to a buyer. Had an amazing dream. Drank chocolate milk out of a can. Lived out of suite case. Still jobless. Got to debut my new favorite item: BCBG studded belt.

*heritage blouse, gap tank, BCBG studded belt, target shorts