Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everythings Magic

There's been this unreal feeling lately with the weather being so perfect, my friends and family being around, and being able to do my own thing..its the kind of free spirit feeling that I only get in the summer time. It's a kind of liberation of responsibility from things Id rater not be responsible for. Finally there is more time to clear my head. Its cliche but as I get older I appreciate the people around me a lot more. Being able to recognize this in the present is such a peaceful feeling. My outfits lately have become simpler but exactly what I want. They reflect my new found inner peace but they still have a bit of angst. Im leaving for the summer in a couple days- back to Copenhagen again. The city as a whole is very fashion forward. Check out Copenhagen Street Style and Stockholm Street Style. The next fifteen days are a bit chaotic so Im not sure when Ill be checking in. Once I settle down Ill be a regular again! XOXO


-converse high tops, tracy feith for target dress

P.S- about my "friends" post- I've decided Ill do it once I get settled in CPH- after Ive done my traveling for the lets say July.


Anonymous said...

White, perfect for summer :-)
Great combo

Ash Fox said...

i love the dress w/sneakers!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I totally know what you mean about that unreal feeling, I have been feeling that to. It's so gorgeous, and everything is so relaxed and going so well. Love the dress, jealous. Wish I owned it!

styleburst said...

I love the dress and how you paired it with the sneakers. It looks amazing.


Annie said...

i feel exactly the same way - i've been moving toward much simpler, looser outfits lately. your dress is so pretty!

Robin said...

The zipper front dress looks incredible.
You look gorgeous, really.


eleni said...

love the dress!
and i agree with you on the summer feeling! best feeling in the world :)

Song of Style said...

i absolutely love this dress.. love how u paired the dress with chucks.

xs said...

gorgeous dress, and perfectly styled with chucks! you could be in a summer movie.