Monday, May 25, 2009

One Last Squeeze

It turns out I'm leaving much later in the day than I thought-so there is time to squeeze out one more post before being MIA for a bit. Even though its getting warmer the mornings are still cold so the tights still seem to be necessary...
Finally found a big silver ring that I love-it took me months to find it..only to loose it! I never loose things and nobody can find it. My only answer is that it fell into the carrot cake I was making and melted..I swear-its gone! So this will probably be the first and last you'll see this ring..
-f21 pocket shirt, DIY delias skirt, steve madden moccasins, vintage purse, aldo ring

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everythings Magic

There's been this unreal feeling lately with the weather being so perfect, my friends and family being around, and being able to do my own thing..its the kind of free spirit feeling that I only get in the summer time. It's a kind of liberation of responsibility from things Id rater not be responsible for. Finally there is more time to clear my head. Its cliche but as I get older I appreciate the people around me a lot more. Being able to recognize this in the present is such a peaceful feeling. My outfits lately have become simpler but exactly what I want. They reflect my new found inner peace but they still have a bit of angst. Im leaving for the summer in a couple days- back to Copenhagen again. The city as a whole is very fashion forward. Check out Copenhagen Street Style and Stockholm Street Style. The next fifteen days are a bit chaotic so Im not sure when Ill be checking in. Once I settle down Ill be a regular again! XOXO


-converse high tops, tracy feith for target dress

P.S- about my "friends" post- I've decided Ill do it once I get settled in CPH- after Ive done my traveling for the lets say July.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lets Get Personal

I was on my run yesterday.. ipod less. I realized that I’ve been doing this blog on a superficial level and that's not me. I'm take and make things personal- not in the sense that I take ridiculous things and attribute them to me and get all upset. The things that I do in life- I put myself into. My relationships with my family and my friends, school, what I‘m involved.. you get the idea. This blog has only been about the surface of fashion. “This would look good with this and I really like this style” But there is so much more than that. Think about all the things that go into fashion, rather think about all the things that go into what you put on in the morning. Sometimes its a certain mindset, what you have to do that day, who your going to see, where you are going, what mood your in (happy, sad, tough, youthful..). Its not always about having something new to wear but its how all your factors mix together and how your end up portraying that in the outfit. Lets say one day I’m feeling that everything is so complicated but I’m still loving life. I might wear a simple outfit to counteract all the chaos but bright and colorful because life is good. So I’m going to change the way I’m doing this- not in the scene that my life is going to be documented (that’s what journals are for) but what was previously not important can now be important. When you decide what you want to do with your life, it cant be about the surface. There needs to be a deeper meaning, it somehow needs to infiltrate your life.

Yesterday was one of those sunny days where you wake up and you can just feel the happiness in the air. I had the freedom to make the day what I wanted. Small appointments here and there but the rest was up to me. Driving alone in the summertime with my music is one of the freest feelings I know. I went for this floral dress- it has this happy haphazard feeling. Its not constricting and you could go and do anything in it. Perfect for my mood. Aaand I’m excited to say- today is just as wonderful!
*Marie-Louise-Target dress, Urban belt

Monday, May 18, 2009


I just love to curl up and read on days like these.
Ive been looking into blazers in the past few months-Ive raided my mothers closet and checked out a bunch of stores. All of these blazers are sadly coming with shoulder padding and being a swimmer- Im pretty well endowed in the shoulder department. Now unless I can find some blazers without shoulder padding I guess Ill be stuck cutting them all out..unless I'd rather walk around like a line backer!
*F21 blazer, express blouse, BDG drainpipes

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Purple Heart Inertia

Leather! I love the rough edge that leather gives to an outfit. It has this tougher aspect but it can still be feminine. I've over-worn my leather jacket to the point that people even tell me they can pick me out of a crowd just because they know my jacket! so yes- Im in love with leather. This skirt was a little restricting so it sadly may not get enough use- just once in a while.
-oldnavy tank, vintage skirt, urban sunglasses, one of a kind necklace from Queen of Hearts (a little box made of gold wire filled with loose jems)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Red Wings

Exams are finally over! I've moved back home for the next week..before I make my way across the atlantic ocean for the summer. Found this red vintage chilean ruana- super cozy and warm. Perfect for those colder nights when the weathers still getting warmer.
I have this theory about fashion and people's outfits..if they dont look comfortable, it doesnt matter how stunning the look is, it wont work. Body language is part of the deal. So when your putting on those finishing touches- make sure your comfortable as well. There's no reason to force it.
-vintage ruana, vintage earrings, old navy cardigan, w.stag cropped pants, f21 mimi cage heels

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Providence Safari

A little present from my mama! A little animal to get me through finals week-

Ive found a theme in my life. I go through strong phases in my life but looking back I always end up really liking the things Ive hated. In high school I hated red or pink nail polish- I vowed never to wear it. Now I'm obsessed with red nail polish. My friends always joked that my Fear Factor food would be peanut butter and bananas (now I eat a little of each everyday..) and I hated animal print! and my outfit today- I can only laugh. red nail polish and animal print.
Im trying to think of the things that I hate today to maybe forecast what Ill like in the future..but I really cant see myself in love with Uggs or black northface jackets anytime soon...
-ecote sandles, urban belt (cuff), f21 skinnies, target blouse

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Candy Shop

Guiseppe Zanotti ss09
Found these online but they were in Vogue march 09 Print. I thought they were perfect- they caught your attention and they just looked soooo good :) Makes me want to head down the street and grab an ice cream. Im taking digital photo next semester so we will see what I can come up with- ill keep all these ideas in my inspiration binder for now..