Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thug Celebration

We were off exploring- our first beach trip of the season for my papa's birthday. We hunted down a grill (an extremely long process to the distress of my tummy) and made a delicious meal! I was able to debut my favorite summer accessory- sunglasses! This season sunglasses are really up to each person. There are so many styles that whatever you like- work it!
These Aldo boots have seen a lot- and Ive seen them a lot over the past season, so to give them a new face I folded them down and turned them into the perfect spring boots! They're again my shoes of choice.
Unfortunately it was still to cold today to bare all and jump in..
-Gap tank, Rave blouse, Gap jeans, Aldo DIY boots, DIY belt, Urban sunglasses

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Fashionology said...

I love your blog! <3