Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mental Detox

Im back from my little St. Crox adventure! I got some much needed sun and a mental break. Summer time (or at least summer weather) is my element- anything to do with a swim suit really.. Items in a summer outfit? swim suit and if you want..something on top like shorts, skirts, tshirts, tanks and my all time favorite- dresses! I think it embodies what I like most in fashion- simple beauty. Less can be so much more.
The shorts are actually cut offs from some old jeans I had. I chopped them up the night before I left so I didnt have enough to really play around with them but Im hoping to use that cheese grater a bit more- im dying for some extremely destroyed jean shorts like these.
Here's to summer dreams..
-truly madly deeply T, DYI F21 shorts, victoria secret suite, vintage bag, urban sunglasses, old navy flip flops


Alice X said...

so beautifully relaxed!

Anonymous said...

It is always rejuvenating! I wish I could be there more often...